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Are CIO's responsible for more than keeping the Lights on with Cloud Adoption?

An often quoted statistics affirms that most of the IT organizations waste at least 80% of their resources and budget on maintaining and existing infrastructure and applications, in a way known as 'Keeping the lights on'.

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Why Fast-Growing and Start-Up Companies are selecting the Cloud for Financial and Accounting Software?

Cloud-based accounting software’s do all the same functions as your conventional on-premises or self-install accounting software’s do; on the other hand, the key variation is that cloud-based software is hosted on remote servers, they even provide additional benefits in storage and security.

Agile ERP Implementation

Implementing an ERP from scratch takes a considerable time and effort. Selecting the best fit ERP will actually maximize the ROI, but this is only one side of the story.

Security While Adopting The Cloud Technology

Cloud computing has taken IT to a different level. It promises to improve the cost efficiencies, accelerate the innovations, the fast time to market and the ability to scale the applications on demand.

Myths on cloud computing

Cloud computing is something that is being adopted by most of the businesses. But yet there are some myths like is this the right thing to adopt this technology. They do have questions as to whether they have selected the best possible route for their business.

Benefits Of a Fully Integrated Business Software System

Every business that is growing grapples with the decision around the best business systems for managing its expanding business operations. A proper planning of an integrated business software system generally takes a flipside for the short-term revenue acceleration goals.

Cloud Technology Giving Flexibility To Mid-sized Enterprises For Growth

The medium-sized businesses are the ones that are experiencing a rapid growth in their business and they are the ones who can use cloud-based business managements for implementing a disciplined process without having any restrictions on the flexibility within the organization.

Cloud ERP For The Wholesale and Distribution Industry

Whenever we think of the wholesale and the distribution we may have a dull image of the olden day markets. But as technology has advanced so has the industry gone a step ahead with it.

Is The ERP That You Are Using Capable Of Growing You?

When you say that you want to expand your business it does not mean to put in more finances or hiring more people. You should also be able to adapt to the daily changes and the business practices, while maintaining a stable business growth.

How New Economic Companies/Start-ups Can Leverage Cloud ERP

An ERP is used for transforming the company. All the systems can be integrated with each other which will be helpful in running the organization successfully. Installing an ERP is not an easy task. If the system falls out it can have a huge impact on the business.

Cloud ERP Co-Exist with Legacy System

Early enterprise resource planning for large enterprises are the ones that find their cutting edge systems which are not nimble enough for the present business environment. They are the one which owe to the decade of customizations and will support the complex internal processes.