This Is Why Healthcare Organizations Are Integrating NetSuite With ClearTax

NetSuite cleartax integration

ClearTax is a popular taxation-related SaaS platform, which is used by thousands of businesses all across the globe. 


While Oracle NetSuite is the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform, it provides a comprehensive suite of power-packed features for streamlining business operations. 


Situations arise, wherein a business having Oracle NetSuite needs to deploy Cleartax for managing their tax issues, or a business with Cleartax platform wants to seamlessly integrate Oracle NetSuite for information & intelligence exchange.


One such business challenge was faced by our client, which we at Inspirria successfully resolved, by integrating Oracle NetSuite with Cleartax.


The Business Challenge


India’s one of the leading eye-care chains with 100+ branches across 11 nations wanted to integrate their Cleartax SaaS platform with Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP.


Their primary objective was to manage all their invoice, bills, Purchase orders, payments, and tax-related information to be seamlessly accessible on both Cleartax and Oracle NetSuite. 


Solution Offered By Inspirria


Our Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP experts at Inspirria Cloudtech understood the inherent business problem, and then analyzed the client’s requirements to find out the integration solution between Oracle NetSuite and Cleartax.


For this integration, we used a third-party tool that forged a bridge between Cleartax and Oracle NetSuite and enabled seamless data transfer between these two Cloud-based platforms. 


Once the integration was completed, critical financial data of the business, across multiple outlets and nations, was successfully shared with both platforms, without any hassles. 


Benefits Of Integrating Oracle NetSuite With ClearTax


Here are the inherent benefits we delivered to our client, after integrating Cleartax with Oracle NetSuite:

Seamless Data Transfer


After the integration, financial data such as invoices, purchase orders, transactions, credit information, tax-related information, and more were seamlessly transferred between Cleartax and Oracle NetSuite. 


Once this data transfer was possible, the management was able to have a 360-degree view of the entire business operation, the status of the inventory, payments made, tax calculations, vendor-related data, warehouse status, and more, without any manual process or logging into different platforms.


Real-Time Data


Since Oracle NetSuite provides real-time information about critical business processes and activities, our client was now able to have detailed observations and insights about taxation, combined with real-time data about sales, purchase orders, vendors, logistics, and supply chain, across all the outlets and countries where their operations are running. 


This real-time information about finances and taxation along with business operations enabled our client to make intelligent business decisions, at the right time, for the right purchase.


Data Duplication Issue Resolved


Before the integration between ClearTax and Oracle NetSuite, there used to exist the problem of data duplication - While one set of data was present with the ClearTax tool, another set of data was present with Oracle NetSuite.


Once the integration was successful, this problem of data duplication was resolved, as we created a bridge between these two platforms for seamless data and intelligence transfer. 

Need more information about integrating ClearTax with Oracle NetSuite? Schedule a no-obligation consulting session with our Oracle NetSuite Experts at Inspirria Cloudtech, and explore the possibilities!

Friday, May 19, 2023

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