Inspirria SuiteApp- BankEdge For Seamless Electronic Fund Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the go-to method for transferring money from one account to another, for most businesses, globally: Be it payment to vendors, receiving payments from customers, or making payments to employees and stakeholders.


However, still today, EFT is done manually, by using the bank’s website/app, which engages resources, and is prone to human errors.


What if we say that now exists a powerful SuiteApp, that can seamlessly integrate with the existing Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP, and completely removes the manual process for transferring money from one account to another?


Inspirria has now made it possible, by launching a powerful SuiteApp called BankEdge.


What Is BankEdge?


BankEdge is a SuiteApp, developed on the Oracle NetSuite framework, and can be directly integrated with the existing Oracle NetSuite deployment to provide seamless, automated, and error-free electronic money transfers to bank accounts or from bank accounts.


Top Features Of BankEdge


Here are the top 9 features of BankEdge SuiteApp:


Seamless Integration With Bank Accounts


BankEdge is a SuiteApp developed by Inspirria, on the Oracle NetSuite framework. This helps in the seamless integration between various bank accounts with existing Oracle NetSuite deployment for seamless and error-free electronic money transfers.


Uninterrupted Access To All Bank Accounts


Via BankEdge, any business can access all bank accounts, directly, without any interruption or delay. This translates to swift money transfers between the business and bank accounts. 


Real-Time Access To Data


Real-time information makes BankEdge one of the most powerful SuiteApps for seamless money transfer between banks and businesses: With real-time information related to bank details, vendor/customer payments, invoices, PO, and more, businesses can now make smart business decisions, at the right time. 

Delightful User-Interface


Inspirria has deployed a user-centric user interface that makes it easy for all users, even non-techie users to seamlessly use BankEdge, and use all its features without any hassles.


Real-Time Payment Tracking


No more guesswork, when it comes to tracking electronic funds transfer to other accounts. With BankEdge, businesses can now avail of real-time tracking of payments made, besides real-time alerts of payments processed. This is hugely beneficial, especially for those businesses which are making multiple payments in a day, and it becomes difficult to track and monitor every payment. BankEdge makes tracking and monitoring fully automated, precise, and empowered with real-time features.


Flexible Payment Scheduling


Some electronic funds transfers need to be made immediately, while some need to be done after 24 hours, at a particular time frame. With the manual EFT process, businesses need to allocate a resource to make it happen.


No longer with BankEdge, because with this SuiteApp, businesses can now schedule payments, based on specific metrics and requirements, and this translates to saving time and resources and becoming more productive. 


Multi Currency Support


BankEdge SuiteApp developed by Inspirria supports multiple currencies, and this solves a ton of problems for multinational companies: No longer need to convert currency before making payments to vendors/suppliers based in other countries.


Audit Trail


Another big advantage of BankEdge SuiteApp: the management and the financial teams can now audit each and every transaction, and trace its origin, destination, and route.


Enhanced Security


For BankEdge SuiteApp, Inspirria has deployed advanced security mechanisms such as encryption, access controls, authentication protocols, and more, to make sure that every transaction is secured, and safe.

Connect with Inspirria Cloudtech  to find out more about BankEdge, and to streamline, automate and secure electronic funds transfers.

Friday, May 12, 2023

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