Customized & Scalable NetSuite Solutions For Restaurant Businesses by Inspirria Cloudtech (Case Study Review)

NetSuite for Restaurant Business

Oracle NetSuite is right now the world's most popular Cloud ERP solution and thousands of businesses are using it to enhance their productivity and to generate more ROI.

However, just deploying Oracle NetSuite is not enough: You need to customize it, mold it and transform it according to your specific business needs and requirements.

Without customizations, your business won’t be able to extract maximum output from this powerful Cloud ERP, and your business objectives shall remain unfulfilled.

Inspirria Cloudtech, is a global leader in deploying and customizing Oracle NetSuite, as per the specific business needs, and requirements. We have customized and transformed Oracle NetSuite for hundreds of businesses and empowered them to generate more ROI and more productivity.

Case Study Review: Food & Beverages Industry

A leading restaurant chain having restaurants in İstanbul, Turkey, and Dubai, the brand has millions of fans and followers on social media and is one of the most sought-after restaurants for food lovers.

Problem #1: Custom Inventory Consumption Report

The client wanted an insightful and data-rich report on the inventory consumption pattern for the restaurants, and the management should have easy access to the reports, at any time of the day.


NetSuite Consultants from Inspirria understood the inherent problem and deployed programming logic to customize existing Oracle NetSuite and provide the solution.

We were able to provide a scripted and in-depth Inventory Consumption Report for the restaurants, based on a specific time period as needed by the management.

With this report, the management was able to get these insights:

 Any particular item’s opening stock purchased stock

 Stocks that have been transferred from one location to another

 Stocks consumed as per the category: sales at the restaurant, wastage, staff consumption, etc

 Closing stock

Problem #2: Daily Budget vs Actual Revenues

The client wanted an In-depth visibility report of the Daily Budget Vs Actual Revenue with respect to food type, the number of customers, and more data points.


NetSuite Consultants from Inspirria carried out a detailed analysis of the sales reports, budget allocations, restaurant sales data, customers data, and more, and customized the existing Oracle NetSuite deployment to ensure that desired reports are automatically generated.

This is what we did:

 A fully customized solution to capture revenue data based on food type (food, beverages, sheesha, etc), daily budget allocations, and the number of covers.

 Armed with this data, the system is now able to generate daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports on the Daily Budget vs Actual Revenues, providing more insights and data intelligence to the management.

 The same report can be viewed in the graphical mode as well, to give more clarity, in a single glance.

These highly customized reports, based on real-time insights and data, helped management at the restaurant to make quick business decisions, minimize wastage and ensure higher ROI every day.

Problem #3 : Integrating with POS  

We Automate the Integration Processes between POS and NetSuite  - POS Integration

• Integrate with leading point-of-sale providers to increase data integrity and eliminate manual processes.

• Gain overall visibility into stocks, sales and revenue for more accurate forecasting; reducing waste and increasing productivity

Problem # 4 :  Recipe & Menu Costing

The custom development done in NetSuite allows restaurants to calculate recipe and menu costs, cut down on waste, reduce staff hours, and track inventory levels more effectively.

This ensures maximum profitability and cash in hand for businesses.

Problem # 5 :  Menu Engineering

Pricing is an important factor to determine profitability considering the cost of ingredients and wastage. The custom solution determines whether the pricing of the meal is done correctly based on the recipes and invoices. After your recipes and invoices are entered, the total cost of food based on ingredients in each recipe, are added together. Then, the menu price of each dish is divided by the food cost to determine the percentage of the price that comes from food to determine if you have priced the meal correctly.

Connect with Inspirria to find out how we can provide highly customized and data-centric reports from your existing Oracle NetSuite, and empower you with data intelligence and insights. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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