Why Modern ERP Cloud is Key for Your Success?

Why Modern ERP Cloud is Key for Your Success?

An increasing popularity of enterprise technology and cloud computing is paving the way for transforming ERP solutions and opening up new ways for companies to do business with its clients, interact with its employees, stakeholders and suppliers. However, most legacy ERP implementations become a burden in the long run and instead of helping the business to grow and flourish act as an agent of straitjacketing it.

All businesses, be it large or small, go through cycles of change and growth associated with the organization, technology and the overall economy. Said so, its processes and systems are also required to be upgraded from time to time to keep pace with the change that is taking place. However, in case it is not the scenario, it may turn out to be a distressful affair for the company resulting in loss of its strategic focus, poor customer satisfaction and lost business opportunities.

Modern ERP Cloud

Various market surveys conducted by independent research organizations have brought to the surface the fact that most of the companies running on legacy ERP platforms are at least two versions behind the latest software releases, which in turn are at least five years in existence in the market. Just like an old boiler adds up to the costs due to its inefficiencies, periodical break downs and unavailability of spare parts associated with it, a five year old ERP solution is also of little use when it comes to expansion plans of a modern business and keeping pace with the new possibilities. Here are some pointers as to why modern ERP cloud is the key for your business.

System copes with the process and not the other way round

In case of legacy ERP solutions, they are built in such a customized fashion that it becomes quite costly to maintain them in the long run. Moreover, organizations are required to remodel their businesses to suit the whims of their legacy ERP platforms. In essence, if the employees are finding it a tough time to fit in to the system and find it easier to deal in things their usual way, it's time for a revision of the system itself.

On the other hand, a cloud based ERP solution can be customized according to the requirements of the organization without affecting the agility of its workforce. In this case the system copes with the process and it doesn't have to be the other way round.

Improved management of spreadsheets and workarounds

If the employees are requiring a manual system to carry on their day to day activities, it is time for a change. Workarounds may be a part and parcel of every organization to some extent; however, it should never be a part of the core business process. Problems might arise when data needs to be duplicated. Managing physical binders and spreadsheets may become an overwhelming affair. Moreover, doing it manually may also result in human errors. Thanks to cloud based ERP solutions, these burdens are a thing of the past now as real-time updates are available on the cloud at all times, it just needs to be called. That's it.

In conclusion, it may be stated that cloud based ERP solutions can act in a proactive way to make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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