Role Of ERP Technology In Supply Chain Automation: 4 Facts You Should Know

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When it comes to wholesale, retail, distribution, and manufacturing-based businesses, Supply Chain is the soul of operations: Did you know that 80% of the companies whose supply chain is optimized and high-performing, were able to achieve business growth higher than their industry average?


And the reasons are not that hard to fathom: With a better supply chain, your business is able to offer timely services to the customers, have better sync with the vendors, and can tap the market trends in a better, organized way.


But the big question is.. How to optimize and streamline supply chain operations?


We at Inspirria are empowering businesses by strengthening and optimizing their supply chain, via automation for triggering unstoppable growth and expansion.


And we are using the world's fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform: Oracle NetSuite to accomplish this. 


Find out more about the role of ERP technology in supply chain automation, that you should know right away!


#1 Single Comprehensive System For Real-Time Updates


One of the biggest challenges of Supply Chain management is the lack of information and lack of monitoring. Via the traditional approach, wholesalers and retailers have no clue about their shipment, have no idea about its exact location, and are in the dark regarding the delivery time and the obstacles on the way.


Oracle NetSuite changes this and incites a revolution in supply chain automation.


One single, comprehensive, data-powered system by NetSuite provides real-time updates and alerts regarding the movement of goods, along with inventory status, outstanding/pending orders, incoming shipments, and more. 


This in turn enables the management to plan procurement of goods and inventory management in an optimized way and helps them to make smart business decisions.


#2 Increased Profitability


With streamlined and optimized supply chain operations, the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can ensure increased profitability, and more revenues, arising from the same resources. 


Once the management is able to access real-time insights and data related to the supply chain, they can plan their next move with confidence, and they can know which products are in demand, which products will take time to deliver, and which products they should immediately ship in order to book more profits.


With completely automated supply chain operations via Oracle NetSuite, this is no more a fantasy.


#3 Improved Cash Flow


A gap in cash flow arises when the management is not aware of the current status and current position of the shipped goods and the supply chain of their orders. 


Since Oracle NetSuite streamlines and automates entire Supply Chain operations, this deficiency is effectively removed. 


With real-time updates and information about logistics, inventory status and outstanding orders, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors can now plan their budget, spending, and orders, and drastically enhance their cash flow. 


#4 Less Risks, More Revenues


With Oracle NetSuite’s highly advanced supply chain functionality, businesses can deploy predictive analytics and find out the precise time and duration for completing the end-to-end supply chain operations. 


This translates to less risk, and more revenues on a long-term basis.


Inspirria will showcase how automated, powerful and comprehensive supply chain management will enable you to analyze the demand, create timely orders, reduce risk and enhance profitability.

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Monday, March 21, 2022

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