Cloud Computing for CIO

Cloud Computing for CIO

Cloud computing is arguably one of the exciting thing that has happened to the IT world, it’s the gateway to business flexibility, cost
containment and scalability and it can be a catalyst for many a CIO identity crisis. Cloud computing also brings standardisation of functions
and services, which in turn enables automation. And automation releases more time. Cloud is all about getting the new innovations in the

CIOs have the opportunity to transform from keeper of the technology into a true Chief of Information, now managing data as a company asset,
just as the CFO manages company finances. When any company plans to adopt cloud computing following are the three main drivers which are the reason
for this adoption

  • Business transformation (creating new services and business models)
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Lower costs.

Benefits to the CIO

  • If the cloud provider is managed rightly it will enable the CIO to unify a disparate cloud IT environment, reduce operational costs and
    gain the comprehensive business insight needed to fulfill the innovator role. NetSuite’s Cloud solution, provides you the latest technologies
    and innovations, helps you save time and money with seamless and automatic upgrades and maintenance.
  • Most of the companies have a SaaS application which is their own little island which has its own database, schedules and a singular focus
    on the little corner of the IT world. With managed cloud, CIOs are the ones who truly access the meaningful business insights which support the
    company goals.
  • NetSuite’s Cloud solution, provides you the latest technologies and innovations, helps you save time and money with seamless and automatic
    upgrades and maintenance.
  • With a NetSuite system in place, CIO doesn’t have to worry about downtime, security risks, and infrastructure.
  • NetSuite Cloud system helps reduce your costs, and get your team focused more on customer service, target revenue goals, and business
  • Monitoring compliance, managing security and the ability to simply get things done are significantly enhanced in a managed cloud environment.
    Not only can these capabilities diminish costs but also improve constancy around controls and audit tracking. More importantly, it moves the
    CIO to a more strategic position within the business,

Why should one collaborate with Inspirria?

We at Inspirria Cloudtech, adhere to NetSuite’s proven NetSuite One methodology.
There are a myriad of reasons why you should partner with us. We have listed down a few key reasons like:

  • We initiate as we understand all your objectives and deliver the functional scope.
  • We analyze your business needs and develop a project work-plan according to that.
  • We design with the help of Customization Solution Design & Integration Design as NetSuite addresses your business needs.
  • We configure the NetSuite’s solution in a way that it adapts to your business.
  • We validate the solution so that it is deployed easily.
  • We deploy the solution and your business is now powered with NetSuite.
  • We optimize, learn from the solution and move to the NetSuite support.

Are you a CIO and on a constant hunt to have innovations in your organization? We at Inspirria Cloudtech, are here to help you. You can take us
as your secured NetSuite partner and NetSuite Implementation Partners with a decade plus of experience working with 500+ Cloud projects. We push
productivity to its optimum level with some proven solutions that are used by best companies all over the world.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

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