This Is Why Google Maps Integration With NetSuite Can Make A Difference To Your Business

Ever since Google Maps was introduced in 2005, it has revolutionised the way we navigate this Earth. Numerous startups and ideas have been born, and launched, thanks to this incredible map-mapping software from Google.


Using Google Maps, we can check satellite imagery, aerial photography, watch street maps, get entire 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View), get real-time traffic conditions, make route planning and more.

When it comes to business management and optimisation, then Google Maps can prove to be a solid partner.

NetSuite understands the importance of Google Maps for businesses, and this is the reason you can now seamlessly integrate Google Maps into your existing framework, and optimise your business operations.

How Google Maps Can Help Businesses?

Be it your prospect, customer, vendor or any entity with an address, you can use Google Maps to locate them, and get real time information right into your existing NetSuite applications.

You can find where your shipment is, how long will it take to deliver a product, the live location of your employees, your shipment and more using Google Maps.

Some businesses are even using Google Maps to optimise their delivery and shipping routes, by analysing traffic conditions, and optimising the entire process.

In case the delivery is getting delayed, you can find out the exact location using Google Map. Your store or office’s location can clearly and crisply showcased on the website using Google Maps and more.

In short, wherever an address or location is used, Google Maps can be used there to get full control.

Benefits Of Using Google Maps With NetSuite

There exists numerous cases and instances, wherein Google Maps can prove to be a major business asset using NetSuite.

For instance, organizations can now create specific maps using NetSuite record with an address. These maps can then be shared across the divisions, so that everyone is on the same page. A great collaboration mechanism can be formed here.

The maps which are created can be customised to showcase only those data that actually matters to the concerned person or team. For example, if the shipment is from Sydney to Brisbane, then Google Maps can be customized to showcase only this route for real time tracking.

The maps can be colorized to showcase the exact data you want, the way you want it.

One of the best uses of Google Maps comes in the NetSuite dashboards: Multiple maps, concerning different aspects and angles of the business operations.

Another very good example: On the NetSuite platform, the management can color-code a map of the customers, based on the revenues they are generating. This can help the team to quickly formulate plans and strategies, based on their specific geographical location.

Deliveries can be optimised directly from NetSuite, using Google Maps, and operations can be enhanced which translates to better growth.

Inspirria Cloudtech can help your business to seamlessly integrate Google Maps with NetSuite, and start benefiting from this technological wonder.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

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