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Responding to customer needs is the prime focus of many a business as quality of customer engagement is the real differentiator between company and competition.
NetSuite CRM covers the entire cycle of business commencing from marketing through lead generation, sales, and customer service. NetSuite CRM truly offers a complete real-time look into customer management.

Major benefits of NetSuite CRM comprise:

  • With real-time visibility into pipeline, sales and forecasts, the sales team can deftly convert an opportunity into a sale order with a mere click. When the status of a customer moves from lead to prospect to customer in one seamless process, a deep relationship is evolved that will sustain customer engagement and thereby ensure customer loyalty. Thus from lead nurturing to revenue generation, NetSuite CRM helps translate opportunity into account in a very efficient way.
  • NetSuite’s call center presents a comprehensive picture which makes customer service speedy and effective. The robust knowledge base provides answers for customer queries and the 360-degree customer view helps in managing service including escalations thereby driving consistency in overall customer support.
  • There is measurable productivity enhancement across teams; marketing team actively follows lead to close while sales team has access to key measures and service team monitors key metrics. In addition, self-service reporting assists in creating one's own report to manage self-performance in a structured manner.
  • Any CRM helps look at pipeline and forecast reports. Going beyond, NetSuite CRM can provide access to each sales rep's data individually, along with an overview of all the activity on the sales forecast. The tabs of the forecast depict opportunities, estimates, sales orders, and actual invoices. Forecast can be established for sales managers with teams too by rolling up the efforts of the manager's sales team by individual team members.
  • Analyzing patterns of purchase, NetSuite CRM supports upsell marketing through analysis of historical purchasing combinations.
  • NetSuite CRM extends to calculate and provide reporting on partner commissions. Both employees and partners can be paid on the same sales transaction where Partner commissions can be calculated on the similar parameters like sales, volume, profitability as used for employees.

NetSuite CRM’s objective is to help businesses thrive in their space. Transforming a traditional CRM into a vibrant and efficient system, NetSuite CRM can aid in attaining and leveraging customer service insights by streamlining processes and enhancing sales and productivity.

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Friday, November 23, 2018

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