Find Out How Oracle NetSuite Empowers Startups To Conquer Their Market

NetSuite for Startups

Startup denotes growth and dynamism: The ever-changing needs of the market translate to fast decisions, cutting edge moves, and thinking beyond the horizon for fast, uninterrupted growth.


If any startup wants to stay ahead of the curve, and deliver powerful performances day after day, then they will need to use and leverage technology, data, and human resources and surprise their competitors with their flexibility and aggression.


Understanding the unique and specific needs of startups, Oracle NetSuite has created a dedicated Cloud-based ERP module for startups, that empowers them to conquer their market, and gain a bigger market share. 


Find out how:


Change management capabilities


The ground below is forever transforming for startups, and they will need to be adaptive, flexible, and dynamic for maximum impact. This is why Oracle NetSuite’s Change Management capabilities are a game-changer feature for startups since they can easily implement any change, and ensure uninterrupted operations and productivity. 


Up-to-date revenue recognition and global accounting standards


Oracle NetSuite offers up-to-date revenue recognition models, and global accounting standards, that are fully compliant with ASC 606, IFRS 15, and other standards. This means that the startup can seamlessly automate revenue scheduling, allocation, and reporting and make better, impactful decisions.


Real-Time Dashboard With KPIs, Workflow


Using one single, powerful and interactive dashboard, startups can have an eagle-eye view of the critical business operations such as Finance, Supply Chain, Billing, Operations, etc, and understand every aspect of their business without investing much time. 


200+ out of the box reports, customizable reporting


Oracle NetSuite provides more than 95 pre-built reports along with fully customizable reporting that integrates business intelligence, prediction, and real-time data pertaining to critical business operations. This provides deep data intelligence and control over the business operations, ensuring stellar results. 


Power Of Built-In Analytics And Real-Time Data


Oracle NetSuite is a global leader in providing embedded analytics, that includes a built-in analytics module, and real-time data display of all critical business operations. This ensures that the startup founders and operational heads are able to understand the market demand in advance and get prepared with the right product, for the right market, at the right time. 


Less Expensive & Flexible IT Infrastructure


Gone are the days when startups were supposed to spend extraordinary funds on maintaining and optimizing their IT infrastructure. With a fully capable True Cloud foundation, maintaining IT infrastructure becomes a breeze for the entire team, and implementing any sudden changes or workflow re-arrangement doesn’t mean weeks of system downtime. 


Feature-Loaded Financial Module


With a powerful, feature-rich financial module, startups can not only optimally manage their cash flow, but also predict the demand and market trends, and accordingly create new business models and products faster than their competitors. 


This means that with Oracle NetSuite, startups are better positioned to onboard acquisitions, and pivot to new models, without wasting time and resources.

Consult with Inspirria to find out more about the amazing capabilities of Oracle NetSuite for startups, and discover how Cloud technology is changing the rules of business, right here, right now.

Monday, April 4, 2022

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