[Case Study] This Is How We Unleashed A Business Transformation With Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is not just about managing business operations seamlessly via the Cloud platform, but it’s about transforming a business and empowering them to break the shackles of mediocrity and set new benchmarks in productivity and ROI.


And precisely this is what we did when a client approached us for solving their critical business problems via Cloud ERP.


Hereby we present our case study on how Inspirria unleashed a business transformation for a Saudi Arabia-based organization and enabled them to leverage the power of technology, in the right way.


The Problem: Chaotic Business Operations 


A well renowned construction equipment contractor from Saudi Arabia, providing heavy equipment rentals. 


Their biggest problem was ensuring productivity and ROI over their operations, since their business is related to heavy equipment rentals.


They had difficulty tracking and monitoring their employees’ productivity, they couldn’t optimally manage time, and their financial reports were haphazard and unorganized. 


And this was reflected in their revenues and profits because they didn’t know in which direction they were heading. 


They wanted a full-fledged business management suite, which gave them the control and capabilities to monitor their business activities and streamline their operations.


We accepted the challenge.


The Solution: Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP


When the client approached Inspirria with their problem, we exactly knew the solution, and we started the work right from scratch. 


We mapped their entire business processes and understood the pain points of the management, decoded their traditional approach towards equipment rentals, and we implemented Oracle NetSuite which translated to massive success.


Cloud-powered Oracle NetSuite ERP platform unleashed a business transformation for the client and helped them to scale their operations seamlessly.


4 major transformations that we at Inspirria executed, with the help of Oracle NetSuite ERP:


Clear visibility of data


With an integrated, graphical dashboard that provided real-time business insights related to supply chain, logistics, workflow, human resources, and more data, their management was able to get clear visibility of data across all the touchpoints within the organization.


This enabled them to make smart, swift, and timely business decisions and helped them to understand their operations more deeply, and logically. 


Automated processes to reduce time and resources


With Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP, the client was able to automate several key business operations, which not only helped them to save time and resources but also enabled them to focus on more important tasks that needed their immediate attention.


Right from taxes and Govt law compliance to leave approvals and resource allocations and more can be smartly automated with Oracle NetSuite, and this proved to be the gamechanger for them.


Scalable cloud solution with mobile and web access


With the traditional approach to their business, the management felt that they are losing control over their operations. We changed that with Oracle NetSuite.


With easy and platform-independent access to all their data stored in Cloud, we enabled the management to access business insights and real-time information via mobile, tablet, and computer, anytime, anywhere. 


This helped them to feel the pulse of their business from any location, via any device, and this is entirely scalable as well, which means there is no limit on how many employees can access the data, in real-time. 


A complete view of cash flow and financial performance


Oracle NetSuite provides real-time data and insights related to critical financial data such as cash flow, liabilities, assets, revenues, profits, and more. 


Armed with such real-time information, accessible across mobile and web, our client was able to get a grip on their overall financial performance and helped them to rapidly scale their business and expand their operations.


And this is how we unleashed a business transformation for a Contracting Establishment with Oracle NetSuite, and empowered them to touch new heights of success and growth.

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Monday, March 14, 2022

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