Oracle NetSuite for Transportation & Logistics Makes You Flexible & Agile

Logistics and transportation is the backbone of any industry or market: Unless the raw materials reach the manufacturing plant, they cannot be processed and converted into products, and unless they are shipped to the distribution centers, the end consumers cannot have them.

To make this cycle of manufacturing and shipping keep on moving, logistics and transportation companies need to reinvent themselves and make sure that they are flexible and agile. They need to maintain their ROI as well, ensure that their service standards are top-notch.

Traditionally, balancing all these aspects at the same time was a difficult bargain for logistics and transportation companies, but now, using NetSuite, this can be achieved without spending a fortune.

But how?

Get Access To Real-Time Data For Quick Business Decisions

NetSuite is World’s fastest-growing Cloud-based ERP & CRM solution provider, and they provide a robust and powerful platform for logistics and transportation firms to manage their business.

Getting access to real-time data of their business operations is one of the strongest, most powerful features from NetSuite for logistics and transportation firms.

Getting the exact position and status of the shipment, which can be anywhere in the world at a given time, empowers management to take quick and informed decisions, which is a gamechanger for the industry.

Not only customers can be informed in advance and make them confident, but also critical actions can be taken if you know the roadblocks ahead in time. 

Get Support For Global Business Operations, As And When Needed

Logistics and transportation businesses are often spread across continents and nations, and the companies need to handle multiple currencies, languages and taxation protocols, often in one single consignment.

Using NetSuite, handling multiple currencies and taxes become super easy and super-efficient. The system will automatically update the tax rules for multiple nations, and help the organization to automate it. 

In short, the logistics and transportation business become more empowered and more flexible.

Seamless Financial & HR Integration

Logistics and transportation firms are often spread across multiple nations and continents and managing employees, and finances across the different locations can be a big headache.

Traditionally, transportation firms used to rely on standalone software and tools, which were different for different offices, and integrating the data took weeks to accomplish.

But no more with NetSuite.

Using one unified business suite, every office and location of a logistics and transportation firm can streamline operations, and have one single view of the finances and human resource allocation. 

Using customized dashboards, the management can know quickly which location has surplus employees, how many employees are actually engaged with a project and what are the finances of that location or country.

These unique features convert into more flexibility and agility for the logistics and transportation firm, and makes them ready to face the challenges of the new age digital transformation.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

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