Turbocharge Your Startup’s Growth With NetSuite: 5 Ways This Is Possible

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Within the entrepreneurial world, there is a famous saying that 90% of all startups fail, and the arguments behind this age-old adage are not entirely illogical.

A startup is an adventure into the unknown territory, an unsolved mystery whose secrets are being unveiled by its founders on a day to day basis, and survival is the key.

Most of the times, a startup fails because of lack of direction and unreliable data, and the founders get lost in the maze of uncertainties.

NetSuite, world’s one of the most popular and widely acclaimed Cloud-based ERP and CRM providers has deeply understood the problems which startups face. Based on their extensive knowledge and expertise of business, they have designed a comprehensive business suite, which turbocharges a startup’s growth, and gives them a direction.

The clarity induced by NetSuite for startups can help them in securing VC funding, make them more aware about their customers, their relationships with the market, and empower them to chart their own way towards growth and success.

5 ways this is possible:

1. Lightening Fast Deployment = More Productivity

NetSuite module for startups have been customized for faster deployment, and seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure. This means that the startup is productive from day 1, and there is no loss of operations, which is so very crucial for an early-stage startup.

NetSuite means success from day #1 for the startup, and this lays a solid foundation for growth.

2. Take Control Over Your Data

NetSuite empowers startups to create customized and precise dashboards quickly and effortlessly to track data and monitor its path. This translates to more control and more authority over data, which can make the difference between success and failure for any startup.

When the founders and the management of the startup are aware of their exact position, and their direction, then taking decisions becomes easy.

3. Flexibility & Transparency

NetSuite for startups have been tailor-made to induce the aspect of flexibility: The whole framework can be customized and changed as per the fast changing requirements of a startup.

Be it any sector: Software, ecommerce, IT services, manufacturing, automobile and more; NetSuite is present to give you maximum leverage and optimal results, on-demand.

4. Tax Issues Resolved

Today’s digitally empowered startups are expanding their wings globally, and this can pose a major issue for tax related work. NetSuite solves this problem with ease.

SuiteTax, which is NetSuite’s tax engine can automatically calculate the taxes which needs to be paid, create tax returns and file them as well. It supports tax rates and rules of over 100 countries, which means that the startup founders can breathe easy and be confident about tax issues, be it any country of operation.

5. Omni-Channel Communications

Be it mobile, website, call center or a physical store: Today’s dynamic startups can track and monitor their customers from everywhere, anytime they want, using NetSuite’s omnichannel support infrastructure.

Collect the data from every channel into one common database, and use this information for smart decision making.

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Friday, August 23, 2019

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