NetSuite For IT Managers: Find Out How True Cloud Can Empower IT Infrastructure

NetSuite for IT Managers

Over the years, IT Managers of every organization faced the mammoth task of not only keeping the systems up and running but also updating the systems, ensuring security, safety and optimizing the system for maximum output.

The traditional way of handling standalone ERP systems consumed a significant part of their productivity since it was time taking and complicated.

Sample this: Whenever a standalone ERP needed to be upgraded, all existing customizations used to vanish, and it used to take weeks and even months to get the system ready. A nightmare for any IT Manager.

But Oracle NetSuite, which is a True Cloud platform, solved all these problems faced by IT Managers and empowered their IT infrastructure to another level.

With NetSuite, the upgrades are automatic, instant, and the user may not even know that the entire, complex ERP system has been upgraded.

What Is True Cloud

A True Cloud platform like NetSuite is:

● Versionless

● Scalable

● Web-Based

● Multi-Tenant

● Flexible

These 5 basic traits of True Cloud platform like NetSuite changes all the rules of traditional IT infrastructure and empowers IT Managers to track, run, and optimally optimize systems.

Both efficiency and effectiveness of the entire IT infrastructure is enhanced and optimized.


IT Infrastructure Is Now Less Expensive

The total cost of ownership of the IT infrastructure comes down drastically while using Oracle NetSuite, which is a True Cloud platform.

As per various researches, it has been revealed that organizations can save upto 20% to 50% IT budget, while using NetSuite ERP, and this is a huge relief for the IT Managers.

Unlike traditional ERP, NetSuite is 100% Cloud-based, which means no requirement to buy and maintain expensive servers, cables, routers, and other networking equipments. Access NetSuite on the Cloud, using a web browser, and access it anytime, anywhere.

Less Complications, More Productivity

Oracle NetSuite eliminates all complexities when it comes to running and maintaining an ERP System, which means more productivity for the operations and management, and less hassles for the IT Managers.

If we talk about financial close times, the period when traditional IT Managers are overburdened with tasks and requests, NetSuite is a great time saver. Companies which use NetSuite has been able to reduce their financial close times by 50%, and increased sales productivity by 12.5%.

Seamless System Upgrades

As shared earlier, upgrading an existing deployment of a True Cloud platform like NetSuite is easy and seamless. It doesn’t take weeks to upgrade the features, and the existing customizations are also not destroyed.

IT Managers receive a big boost in productivity when it comes to NetSuite.

Extraordinary Speed

Ask any IT Manager, and the reply will be the same: Speed of the IT infrastructure is of the utmost priority for ensuring the highest productivity of the organization.

And it is here that NetSuite can be revolutionary.

While a traditional ERP can take upto 10-12 months to get deployed, NetSuite can be up and running within 2-3 months, fully customized and on the Cloud.

If we talk about performance, then NetSuite ensures 99.98% uptime performance, which translates to fast, consistent and reliable performance.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020