5 Reasons Why Oracle NetSuite Is The Best Alternative To Epicor

NetSuite vs Epicor

In the initial days of computers, there existed several software companies that provided basic ERP solutions which helped them to navigate their operations in primitive ways.


As technology progressed, and newer innovations such as Cloud computing happened, these traditional ERP solutions failed to understand the pulse of the customers, and hence, became outdated.


If you are confused between choosing Epicor and Oracle NetSuite, then you are at the right place, because here, we will show you why Oracle NetSuite - World’s fastest growing 100% TrueCloud ERP platform is a few notches above Epicor which is one of the traditional ERP platforms that lack cutting-edge innovations and tech excellence.


Here are 5 reasons why Oracle NetSuite is the best alternative to Epicor :


Powerful Accounts Payable Feature


Oracle NetSuite offers a powerful and feature-loaded Accounts Payable process, which helps organizations to gain the liquidity they need for business expansion and ensure fast ROI. In Oracle NetSuite, companies can swiftly generate & send invoices, define credit terms, manage collections, and thus, reduce the credit to cash cycle and have a 360-degree view of the entire Accounts Receivable process in real time.

Seamless, Automated Tax Management


While Epicor offers basic tax handling features, which consume a lot of bandwidth and resources to manage, Oracle NetSuite offers next-gen, advanced tax management features, which are hugely popular among companies from different niches such as manufacturing, wholesale, software, and more.


Using Oracle NetSuite, organizations can automate and streamline tax filing, reporting, and auditing processes, and ensure 100% compliance with Govt rules and regulations. 

360-Degree Marketing Campaigns 


Epicor was built primarily for manufacturing companies to manage their operations. Although it served its purpose in the 1960s and 1970s, it’s proving to be inadequate for today’s dynamic business needs and vision of fast-growing enterprises.


In the Marketing niche, Oracle NetSuite has proved to be a trendsetter, with next-gen, 360-degree marketing capabilities which help enterprises to accelerate business growth. 


Using one single dashboard, organizations can track and monitor several marketing campaigns across all touch-points such as ecommerce, in-store, telecalls, direct mail, and other mediums, and check the entire customer lifecycle for ensuring the highest ROI.

Customer Account Management


Since Oracle NetSuite is 100% Cloud-based ERP, it offers some stunning features and capabilities when it comes to CRM or Customer Relationship Management. Based on the customer’s previous sales history, interaction data points, preferences, and choices, the system suggests the best products and services, which enables the brand to increase its sales and make its customers happy and satisfied. 


With traditional ERP solutions such as Epicor, such high-end customer account management is still a fantasy, and this stops the companies from embracing all-around growth. 

Inventory Management


Although Epicor was designed decades back for manufacturing units, they have not been able to offer any innovation or excellence in improving existing business operations, especially inventory management.


Oracle NetSuite packs a punch with advanced inventory management features, which provide more control and more transparency to the management, and enable them to track and monitor each and every SKU with precision, and in real-time.


And we have barely scratched the surface here!


Oracle NetSuite provides advanced, interactive dashboards, top-of-the-line customizations, ecommerce capabilities, order management processes, procurement, supply chain, advanced financials, and a lot more.


Being a true SaaS and multi-tenant Cloud ERP solution, it empowers businesses to streamline their business operations and ensure higher RoI.

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Monday, September 12, 2022

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