NetSuite Updates 2021.1 For Manufacturing, Software, Wholesalers, Nonprofit Organizations

NetSuite Release 2021.1

As 2021 makes its headway pushing past the pandemic and uncertainties, new enthusiasm and hope are clearly visible across all sectors and industries. Businesses are back in action, and they now need a cutting-edge Cloud innovation that can help them grow and scale faster.

This is the reason NetSuite’s latest 2021.1 release focuses extensively on automation and intelligence, which has been embedded into their modules for helping startups, enterprises, and organizations to leverage the power of Cloud and embrace unhindered growth.

Here are the top highlights from NetSuite’s 2021.1 release for their state-of-the-art ERP platform, based on True Cloud technology.

Manufacturing Companies

As part of inducing more intelligence into the supply planning process, NetSuite’s 2021.1 release now has date-based views for each item. This way, the supply chain team can have a 360-degree view of an item and location by period, and schedule the supplies based on the current trends for a timely delivery. 

For more automation, NetSuite for manufacturing now has NetSuite Pack Station, using which all orders with similar shipping routes can be automatically grouped together for faster processing and delivery.

Software Companies

Software firms often need to make frequent, small, micro-level changes in the software that are more often than not unbilled since there existed no mechanism to calculate and measure the billable hours for them. But not anymore. As a brilliant example of an intelligent ERP solution, NetSuite’s 2021.1 release for software firms can now capture delta charges for any invoiced period efficiently, ensuring higher ROI for the companies.

As part of automation innovation, users can deploy SuiteApprovals email approval process for faster, automated email approvals with minimum clicks.

Wholesalers & Distributors

NetSuite’s latest 2021.2 release makes wholesale operations more seamless and intelligent with the new warehouse management system (WMS) functionality. With this, the floor supervisors and the management can automate the process of wave picking, and accordingly schedule the pickups/delivery based on the time, address, shipment numbers, and more.

With this, entire Wholesale operations become faster, predictable, and error-free for seamless productivity. 

Besides, the financial process for wholesalers has now become highly intelligent and manual-free with centralized invoicing for multiple subsidiaries, for items ordered under the same purchase order. This can save tons of hours of complicated accounting, and allow the wholesalers to focus on their core business activity. 


Non-Profit Organization

Thanks to the new updates released in the NetSuite 2021.1 release, nonprofit organizations can now operate and optimize their operations in an intelligent environment, thereby generating more funds, and more contacts.

With a new format and system of fundraising reports, nonprofits can now identify which donors have donated in the past, but haven’t donated this year. This way, they can launch better and targeted outreach programs, and ensure higher fundraising without extra efforts.

These highlights for manufacturing, software, wholesalers, and non-profit organizations are just a glimpse of the smarter, intelligent, and automated features that have been introduced in the NetSuite 2021.1 release.

To know more about the benefits and how you can run your company’s critical functions in a seamless manner, schedule a no-obligation ERP consultancy session for your business, connect with Inspirria today, and start True NetSuite Cloud-based ERP journey right away.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

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