How Can DocuSign Improve The Way You Do Business?


Signed documents are a necessity and a critical feature for verifying the contents by both the sender and receiver. A signature imparts authenticity and trust.

It’s a legal as well as a logical requirement for making any document a valid proof/evidence for any business-related activity.

However, the traditional way of signing documents is tiresome, and time-consuming: If the sender and the receiver of the documents are staying in different parts of the city, or country, then the document has to be physically moved from the sender to the receiver.

Once the signatures are done, then the same documents need to be physically returned back. Often, days and sometimes weeks are consumed in this exercise.

This problem is solved by remarkable precision with DocuSign.

What Exactly Is DocuSign?

DocuSign provides a suite of services, which helps the users to collect digital signatures for verifying the authenticity of the document.

Besides the signature aspect, there are tons of other features embedded into DocuSign which helps the entrepreneurs to manage their business efficiently, and effectively.

Managing digital transactions, creating templates of the documents, instant signatures and more are the core aspects of DocuSign’ suite of services.

How DocuSign Improves The Way You Do Business?

If you are an entrepreneur, then DocuSign can be that solid platform that will make your business operations run smoothly, and fast.

· Saves Times: The Most Critical Aspect

Imagine wasting days for a document to get signed on, which not only hampers your business but also negatively impacts your revenues.

This problem is instantly solved with DocuSign, using which the documents can be signed and verified quickly, and the turnaround time for your contracts and other critical documents becomes minimal.

Once the contracts and documents are electronically signed via DocuSign, your projects will start faster, and bottlenecks will be removed.

· Collaboration Made Easy

DocuSign interface can be quickly connected with major business tools, ERP and software, which makes the entire process of signing and verifying documents extremely easy.

DocuSign can be connected with NetSuite, Microsoft Office, SalesForce and other applications, which means that contracts can quickly be created, shared and digitally signed with no wastage of time.

· Customizations & Workflow Made Easy

One big advantage of DocuSign is customizations and templates, which leads to fast and efficient workflow. Once a template of a contract is created, it can be shared with multiple users, repeatedly.

Workflows can be created based on the documents and contracts required to be signed, and they can be timed optimally for maximum productivity.

· Safe, Authentic & Auditable Process

Since every signature is encrypted, they are safe and secured. And since they are encrypted with time-stamps, these digital signatures can be audited as well, and made sure that no fraud happens. Only those who have access to the documents can view and sign them, and DocuSign ensures that no unintended user is able to tamper with that.

DocuSign is a revolution for the entrepreneurs, who wish to quickly share and receive signed documents, and it’s changing the way we are doing business.

For more details, feel free to use this link to schedule a no-obligation session to discuss your business requirements and expectations from DocuSign.

Monday, June 8, 2020

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