Reducing the Gap between Supplier and Retailer with Cloud ERP

Reducing the Gap between Supplier and Retailer with Cloud ERP

In a market driven by competition, primarily the food industry has faced stagnation owing to a slower pace in the wholesale and food distribution processes; which chiefly focus on competitive pricing. Now in order to bring a significant transformation in the conventional food wholesale market we need to consider the retailers as potential customers rather than only as distributors.

Every industry understands the importance of customer satisfaction. Why is it that the food industry still lags behind?  Excellent business is not only about quality and value; it also focuses on healthy partnership building and perpetual trade.

How does technology meet the diverse demands of wholesalers?

Food traders would preferably need a mobile tracking system, tracing the full course of action starting from order placement to warehouse distribution and finally delivery. However quite a few suppliers are still ignorant to the fact that with Cloud and mobile technologies taking root to this is very much possible.

Cloud based ERP is the way to achieve a mobile paperless environment which intensifies production and trims operational costs. It also permits easygoing actions on order amendments.

With well proven flexible devices, it enables to log order status providing comprehensive information about respective product in real time. Having access to real time data one can easily handle enquiries of the retailers on the very spot without missing on deliveries thereby ensuring substantial business at every phase.

Our assumption?  There has been a potential shift in ERP usage with businesses reducing their internal staff or hardware requirement and adopting Cloud based solutions. ERP is one such software which businesses use like any other platform avoiding unnecessary and outdated procedures while handling an order.

Cloud based solutions help to administer the accurate inventory levels and supply planning in a more effective and cost efficient technique which can otherwise seem as a technical glitch to the process and more particularly a costly set up. A simplified ERP application provides for a precise projection of both supply and demand as compared to a 2-3 tier set up system where multiple products from several manufacturers and distributors are recorded, unnecessarily complicating the process.

Credits go to Cloud technology being incorporated with ERP application; that has helped to build a bridge with your retailers and accomplishing an unambiguous business model. Through this the predictions of your data can be instantly shared with both wings of the supply chain system.

Automating the system through a Cloud based solution gives business ample time to provide customized service to customers thereby building a more cordial relation and giving business uplift.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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