Successful POS integration with NetSuite By Inspirria Cloudtech

A leading restaurant chain in UAE was facing a typical problem: The absence of a centralized data upload, storage and retrieval system, that prevented them from making quick and smart business decisions.


When our NetSuite Consultants from Inspirria conducted deep business research and understood the problem, they deployed a cutting-edge ERP solution that not only solved all their problems but also enabled the management to have a 360-degree view of the entire business operations.


First, let’s understand the problem here.


The Problem: Micro PoS Based Data Upload


The restaurant chain had installed PoS terminals across all their outlets and was using an outdated, traditional ERP system to manage the data.


At the PoS terminals, their employees used to upload purchase and sales data related to that outlet, and then the same data was separately updated on their traditional ERP system, via a manual process.


This led to a discrepancy in data, and decision-making: The Management was dependent on their traditional ERP for taking financial and business decisions related to inventory, distribution, customer service, raw materials, and more. 


Since there was no centralized data management system, the owners of the restaurant chain were never able to get the right idea about inventory position, sale data, customer feedback, overall revenues, inventory position, and more. 


And this crippled their decision-making process. And stopped their growth. 


But Inspirria changed that. 


Solution: Real-Time Data Management With Oracle NetSuite


Inspirria’s NetSuite Consultants understood the problem and offered NetSuite’s Cloud ERP as the solution which streamlined their business operations, across all outlets.


Once NetSuite was deployed, the employees at their outlets were able to directly upload all sales and customers related data into a centralized database, using their existing PoS terminals.


And this data was reflected in real-time for the top management, who were now able to get a clear-cut picture of their business operations, without any delay.


For critical business operations such as procurement, inventory tracking, & financials, the management no longer needed to wait for the manual upload of data into their traditional ERP software. With NetSuite, the management was able to check the exact inventory position, sales and revenues data, financial transactions, and more, and make smarter business decisions. 


For example, when the management found out that outlet #1 was running low on vegetables, they can immediately order the required products from the vendors and avoid disruption of operations. With real-time insights about the financial standing, exact revenues being generated, availability of resources, and supply chain information, the management was empowered to make the right decision, at the right time. 


Inherent Benefits Of PoS Integration With NetSuite


Automated Data Upload


Once the restaurant employees were able to enter the sales and finance-related data into the PoS, the information was automatically stored in the centralized database of NetSuite and was made accessible to all the authorized users, in real-time.


Process Optimization


The intelligent algorithm behind Oracle NetSuite can instantly gauge the inventory status based on the PoS data being uploaded by the employees at the outlets, and accordingly create work orders for ensuring that the required raw materials are present to handle the orders, and business continuity is maintained. 


Revenue Tracking


Based on the sales and revenues data being uploaded via PoS terminals, the system was able to automatically track the financials and revenues in real-time, presenting a crystal clear picture of the entire business to the top management. At any given moment, they knew precisely which outlet was bringing in the most sales, which food items were in demand, and the current inventory position for making smart business decisions.

Wish to know more about how Oracle NetSuite can transform your business operations with agility and real-time information? Book a no-obligation consulting session with NetSuite Engineers at Inspirria, and streamline & optimize your business operations, right away.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

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