3 Biggest Benefits Of Deploying Oracle NetSuite for Healthcare Organizations

NetSuite for Healthcare

Most of the healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, laboratories & diagnostics centres, practice management groups etc are in dire need of a robust, scalable and efficient ERP platform. 

With multiple tools and software for managing their day to day operations, and lack of any centralised database for patient management and financial monitoring, such healthcare organizations are losing the battle every single day.

Oracle NetSuite, which is the world's fastest growing TrueCloud based ERP platform has understood the need and requirement for an ERP platform for the healthcare industry, that encapsulates all the essential features and capabilities that they need, right now.

Here are the three biggest benefits of deploying Oracle NetSuite for the healthcare organizations:

Streamlined Financial Management

Oracle NetSuite has designed the healthcare module in a way that it plugs all the holes in the financial management sphere and ensures that the healthcare company is able to optimise their revenues, and avoid any losses due to lack of data consistency.

With a single glance of the dashboards, the management can find out the entire financial history of the patient, their transactional data, and their dues. Based on these insights, the management can set up reminders for the payments, share alerts about new offers and discounts and more.

Besides, auditing and reporting taxes becomes a cakewalk with Oracle NetSuite, and handling multiple currencies becomes seamless. Overall, Oracle NetSuite optimises and streamlines the financial management of the healthcare organizations and makes them more profitable.

Highly Scalable Back Office System

The problem with using standalone, traditional ERP systems is that they are not scalable. For example, by entering patient records individually, and storing them at a standalone database, the hospitals and clinics are not able to leverage the power of Cloud for optimized patient management. 

With such a non-Cloud ERP system, tracking and monitoring the records of every patient becomes a big headache, and the hospitals are forced to spend countless hours to extract any particular data.

With Oracle NetSuite’s TrueCloud based ERP platform, this changes for good. Using one centralized, Cloud based ERP, hospital management can now enter, monitor and extract literally unlimited records, which are accessible from anywhere, anytime using any device. 

This immense scalability ensures that the healthcare organization embraces more growth, and expands beyond geographical boundaries.

Robust Reporting Capabilities With Deeper Insights

One of the most popular and highly beneficial features of Oracle NetSuite is reporting and the subsequent insights that are derived from the data. Doctors, managers, administrators and the management can create fully customized and in depth reports via dashboards, and quickly find out all the relevant information without spending hours into it.

For example, if the management is aware about the real-time information about every bed and room in the hospital, they can admit more patients without wasting any time manually searching for empty beds.

The exact position of the incoming shipments, orders placed with the vendors, medical equipment that are urgently needed, and more such critical information can be accessed quickly, via reports and shared with the concerned teams for instant action.

And we haven’t even scratched the surface here.

Inspirria will show you how Oracle NetSuite is transforming the healthcare industry, and why your hospital, clinic needs to deploy Oracle NetSuite for expanding the horizon.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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