Inspirria Indian Taxation-GST Compliant

Inspirria Indian Taxation-GST Compliant

Inspirria Indian Taxation provides you with accurate taxes which are GST compliant. This NetSuite add-on helps in automating taxes and caters to the GST requirement which will also enhance the Net-Suite experience. With the help of this solution all the processes are automated. The NetSuite transactions are well-integrated. This product caters to all GST requirements and statutory reporting needs as per the Indian Taxation Laws. When it comes to having different statements this system provides a detailed vendor and customer statement.\n

One can also download reports in convenient formats. This system also automates financial compliances like TDS and Schedule. It also provides multiple formats for balance sheets. This product can be an easy integration for Indian Customers who are planning to use NetSuite. It complies from TDS to GST and all the other localized needs.

Key Benefits

  • Automated statutory reporting.
  • Automated CGST Calculation.
  • Automated SGST Calculation.
  • Automated IGST Calculation.
  • Automated TDS Calculation.
  • Automated Indian subsidiary taxation for NetSuite One World customer.

Other Benefits

  • With the help of this Suite bundle, one can seamlessly integrate all transactions wherever localization is required.
  • Without this bundle, NetSuite customers have to manually post journals to take care of withholding tax, manually compute the tax accrual and payment rules, take the figures and data to create the reports manually. All of this is addressed in one bundle of IIT.

Key Features

  • Integrated Indian Localization Bundle with NetSuite
    This bundle will seamlessly integrate with the purchase orders, Vendor Bills, Sales Orders, Invoices and different related transactions for Indian localization needs of TDS, GST and other related taxes.
  • Detailed vendor and Customer statement
    This bundle provides detailed vendor and customer statement specific to Indian requirements and allows printing of all transactions.
  • Easy Statutory Reporting
    All statutory reports, required on GST and TDS are available which can be further downloaded in convenient formats.
  • Support for new Schedule V1 Formats
    This bundle supports new formats of Schedule VI for Balance Sheet.

Inspirria Indian Taxation (IIT) Bundle is GST Compliant

  • It helps in defining GST registration details at different entity level.
  • It also captures Tax details at customer and the vendor level.
  • Tax code determination is decided on multiple attributes
  • It has the provision of defining different tax types.
  • It configures the different tax codes and groups.
  • Defines auto numbering for sales in invoices.
  • Tax details and attributes are captured on transaction level.
  • GST tax posting input and output.
  • Input tax credit utilization against payable for GST taxes.
  • GST tax returns (GSTR 1, 2, 3&6).

Why should one collaborate with Inspirria?

We at Inspirria Cloudtech, adhere to NetSuite’s proven NetSuite One methodology. There are a myriad of reasons why you should partner with us. We have listed down a few key reasons like:

  • We initiate as we understand all your objectives and deliver the functional scope.
  • We initiate analyze your business needs and develop a project work-plan according to that.
  • We initiate design with the help of Customization Solution Design & Integration Design as NetSuite addresses your business needs.
  • We initiate configure the NetSuite’s solution in a way that it adapts to your business.
  • We initiate validate the solution so that it is deployed easily.
  • We initiate deploy the solution and your business is now powered with NetSuite.
  • We initiate optimize, learn from the solution and move to the NetSuite support.

Are you in search of a system which is GST Compliant and created keeping in mind all the Indian Taxation Rules? We at Inspirria Cloudtech, are here to help you. You can take us as your secured NetSuite partner and NetSuite Implementation Partners with a decade plus of experience working with 500+ Cloud projects. We push productivity to its optimum level with some proven solutions that are used by best companies all over the world.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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