This Is Why Oracle NetSuite is A One-Stop Solution For Retail Businesses

NetSuite for Retail Business

In a post-Covid world, retailers are finding themselves in an entirely new territory, facing new challenges never experienced before, and solving problems that were never thought of before.


As per various research and surveys of retail entrepreneurs regarding the challenges they face, it was found that transparency and control over their operations are at the top of the list.


Retailers are desperate for insights regarding their own business, and they need a comprehensive platform to manage different aspects and frontiers for ensuring growth and profitability.


If a retailer is not able to understand the dynamics of the market and the preferences of its customers, then they are losing. 


And Oracle NetSuite is changing this.


Understanding the challenges faced by retailers, Oracle NetSuite has developed a powerful, insight-rich, and intelligent Cloud-based module for retailers, which empowers them with real-time information, financial control, market intelligence, consumer behavior pattern, integrated PoS solutions, and more.


In this blog, we will reveal why Oracle NetSuite is a one-stop solution for retail business owners.


#1 Seamless Cross-Channel Shopping 


As per Forrester Research, cross-channel shoppers spend 30% more than single-channel shoppers. The same research revealed that 68% of Americans were more inclined to purchase from a brand, which was present across multiple channels.


And this is where Oracle NetSuite chips in with state-of-the-art features regarding cross-channel shopping: Once you deploy Oracle NetSuite, then your retail business can support processes such as:


  • Buy online/pickup in store

  • buy online/return to store

  • order in store/fulfill from anywhere


And more. Possibilities are endless for retailers because with Oracle NetSuite, they have more control, and more visibility over the sales/return process, customer behavior, and more.

#2 Fabulous In-Store Shopping Experience


Oracle NetSuite enables retailers to offer a delightful in-store shopping experience for their customers, leveraging the power of Cloud and Technology. Sales Executives can now offer entire inventory via hand-held devices, understand their customers in real-time, check their buying history, and offer them the product they need, in run-time.


Once you deploy Oracle NetSuite for your business, then no customer will leave your store empty-handed, because you can offer them everything they need, with a few taps and clicks. 


#3: Powerful Ecommerce Capabilities


Yes, ecommerce is taking over traditional retail, and this is a paradigm change that no one can stop. But instead of fighting it, retailers can embrace it, leverage it, and use it for their own business growth, with Oracle NetSuite!


With the powerful ecommerce capabilities of Oracle NetSuite, retailers can now launch their own web stores, tightly integrated with their offline stores, and offer their customers more options and choices. Separate offers and discounts can now be rolled out for digital customers, and retailers can manage separate catalogs for both forms of business.


With features of multiple currency support and multiple languages support, Oracle NetSuite is indeed the one-stop solution for both online and offline retailers. 


Still not convinced? Connect with Inspirria, the award-winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation Partner, and find out more about Oracle NetSuite for Retail module, and digitally transform your business. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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