What NetSuite 2021.1 Releases Have for Wholesale and Distributors?

With the new NetSuite 2021.1 release, wholesalers and distributors are now empowered with a slew of new, exciting features that promise to make them more productive, and more result-oriented.


In a post-pandemic world, wholesalers need to be more agile, leaner, and focussed towards higher ROI, and this is what NetSuite for wholesalers and distributors enable via their state-of-the-art ERP solution.


Using Cloud as the platform, NetSuite’s latest 2021.1 release has induced the next level of automation, and intelligent business solutions, laser-targeted for the wholesale industry.


Here are the top highlights from NetSuite 2021.1 release:


Automated Inventory Management


No longer there will be any delay in the inventory management process while unloading shipment or verifying the items before shipping them. With an easy-to-use, touch-screen-based interface, floor supervisors and inventory staff can scan the cartons, check sales orders, verify items, group the items with the same shipping routes, and more.


Another notable feature is the seamless integration with weight scales, which means zero manual processes of checking and verifying weights, and zero errors.


Advanced Warehouse Management


The process of picking waves within the warehouse for optimal deliveries is now turbocharged with NetSuite’s latest 2021.1 release for wholesalers. Supervisors can now automatically create picking waves, and schedule the deliveries in a manner that consumes the least time (for example scheduling during off-peak hours), the least resources (grouping items based on shipping routes), and ensure higher customer satisfaction (real-time mobile status, updates).


Automated Supply Planning


Wholesalers and distributors can become more productive with intelligent, and automated supply chain planning for ensuring higher ROI and less time consumption. With the new features of the 2021.1 release, management can set up an automated-repeat process for supply planning of similar orders and save time by not repeating the same process again and again.


Via the Saved Search option, the basic criteria for supply planning (based on vendor, items, date, demand, etc) can be saved for future planning, and thus, ensure an error-free supply chain process without much manual work.


Besides, a new provision of color-based alerts has been included, for faster planning of those products that are getting depleted, and should be ordered on a priority basis. This ensures that the wholesalers are never running short of any product which is in demand.


Let’s talk about business intelligence which actually works!


Financial Management Becomes Seamless, Fast


Gone are the days when the wholesalers were required to create multiple invoices for different subsidiaries and shipments. With the new 2021.1 release, wholesalers will be able to group together items under the same PO, and centralize their invoice process for multiple subsidiaries. This centralized invoicing and billing system also applies to vendor payments and handling the returns.


This way, the accounts department will be relieved of monotonous and repeat tasks like creating different invoices for the same items, and automate the entire process with business intelligence embedded into it.


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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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