NetSuite Cloud System Triggers Transformation For Restaurants & Hospitality Industry

NetSuite for Restaurant Business

Oracle NetSuite is right now the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform, and it’s disrupting existing business processes across the world by inducing systematic, organized, and ROI-centric business management fundamentals. 


NetSuite can be customized and tweaked as per the specific business needs, and this is one of the strongest reasons why different businesses across all verticals are embracing it, and deploying it for optimizing their business operations.


Be it real estate or software businesses, manufacturing or wholesale, food & beverages or hospitality - NetSuite is the gamechanger everywhere.


Especially for restaurants and the hospitality industry, Oracle NetSuite provides a host of options and customizations that can not only turbo-charge existing business processes but also enable the management to have full control over their business. 


Inventory management is one such huge problem, and a lack of control over inventory can lead to huge expenses and losses. Restaurants can enhance their revenues by a large margin if they are able to optimally monitor their inventory, and accordingly, place new orders based on the actual demand. 


This specific problem was faced by our Dubai-based client, which runs a famous restaurant chain in Dubai, and we solved this problem with NetSuite ERP and completely transformed their business.


This is how we transformed their business with NetSuite Cloud System and deployed advanced customizations for solving their problem:


Customized Inventory Tracking and PO Generation

Using programming and logic, we scripted an advanced inventory reporting system for them, wherein they were able to check any item’s opening stock, purchased stock, and more information.


And this enabled them to make smart, logical decisions and boosted their revenues and profits. 


Accurate tracking of consumable items as per the requirement.

The customized report for inventory management we created using the NetSuite Cloud framework also included the data about consumable items, in run-time.


With a single glance, the management was able to find which products are in demand, which are slow in sales, and accordingly create Purchase Orders to maximize ROI, on every item.


Traditional food business owners will realize that this is a goldmine of information and insights, and this changes everything.


Better visibility of the inventory

With a highly advanced inventory consumption report, the management was able to have a wealth of information which enabled them to make smart business decisions.


For instance, the restaurant managers were now able to check out the status of stock consumption, based on different categories such as food items sold at restaurants, percentage of wastage, food items consumed by employees, and more.


Complete visibility over inventory for selected time periods

Instead of having one single, linear outlook over the inventory position, we enabled customized inventory tracking, based on the different time periods: Hence, the management is now able to check out the live inventory position and status for the last one week, one month, entire year, or a single day.


This converted to more control, more visibility, and more intelligent insights.


Some other critical advantages of using Oracle NetSuite for restaurants and hospitality industry include:


Comprehensive financial management

Management can get full details on important financial data such as cash on hand, receivables, payables, and more. With seamless integration with the banking system, managing finances becomes a cakewalk.


Managing Entity Management

Restaurants with multiple outlets across different geographical locations can streamline their operations, and get real-time visibility over every aspect of their operations, via one single, comprehensive Cloud-based platform. 


POS Integration

Oracle NetSuite can seamlessly integrate with leading POS service providers, and this converts to consistency in data and eliminates manual processes for managing key business functions such as bill payments and more. 

Consult with our expert NetSuite Consultants to find out how we at Inspirria can unleash transformation for your restaurant and hotels, and enable you to generate more ROI, from the existing resources. 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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