5 Reasons Why Retail Businesses Are Deploying Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite for Retail Business

$23 trillion worth of global retail business is unstoppable right now. In the post-pandemic period, market observers are witnessing a boom in the retail business, and at the current rate of 7-9% growth, the industry is all set to cross $30 trillion market value by 2030. 


However, there are some bottlenecks related to the retail business that are hampering their overall growth and creating obstacles that lead to a slowdown. 


Fortunately, Oracle NetSuite has understood the inherent problems faced by the retail industry and has created a robust, scalable, and powerful Cloud-based ERP module, that is empowering the retail businesses to embrace the high-growth curve, and grow exponentially.


Here are the top 5 reasons why retail businesses across the globe are choosing Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP and gaining market share at a rapid pace:


Reason #1: Single, Integrated Solution For Managing Entire Retail Business


Oracle NetSuite for Retail offers a single, integrated and comprehensive Cloud ERP platform, that provides full control and visibility of every aspect related to the retail business. Be it inventory management, logistics, finances, marketing, sales, payments, or competition analysis: The retailer can now check and monitor all the details and data, via one single platform.


Reason #2: 360-Degree View Of All Customers, Across All Channels


Today’s Retail business is now expanding beyond store outlets: Your next customer can come via ecommerce portal, tele-calling, outdoor branding, lead generation process, and more. With Oracle NetSuite, retailers can now have a 360-degree view of all the customers, across all the channels, and then accordingly devise strategies to enchant them and delight them.


Reason #3: Powerful Ecommerce Features Embedded Into The Platform


As mentioned earlier, e-commerce is a major source of revenue for retailers, and this is the reason Oracle NetSuite provides a comprehensive suite of applications, tools, and interfaces to tap this niche. From templates and stunning store designs to robust payment features and futuristic analytics protocol, NetSuite has covered it all, when it comes to e-commerce capabilities for retail businesses.


Reason #4: Enhanced Customer Loyalty & User Experience


With Oracle NetSuite, retailers can now design highly personalized and fully customized marketing and sales campaigns, for targeting specific customers and their genres. For example, a special discount offer for Customer A, because you know that she always buys new shoes after every 30 days. At the same time, a special offer on clothes for Customer B, because he tries out new outfits every season. Such customized offers and marketing campaigns can instill higher and more intense brand loyalty, and provide an exceptional user experience.


Reason #5: Swift Customizations Without Any System Outage


The concept of One-size-fits-all is no longer working, especially for the Cloud ERP domain. Every retail business is unique, and every retailer has specific needs and requirements for business operations. 


With Oracle NetSuite, you can swiftly mold and change the platform to ensure that your specific business needs are met, without any system outage or downtime. This ensures that your retail business is always up and running, and you are able to extract maximum results.

Consult with Inspirria to find out why Oracle NetSuite is the most appropriate and ROI-focussed Cloud ERP platform for your retail business, and how you can conquer your market with the powerful features and capabilities offered by NetSuite.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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