Oracle NetSuite License Explained: How To Choose Oracle NetSuite License For Your Business?

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If you are planning to implement Oracle NetSuite for your business, then you are about to make a powerful and productive decision!


Oracle NetSuite is right now the world’s fastest-growing Cloud-based ERP platform, empowering thousands of businesses to streamline their operations, turbocharge their productivity and generate more ROI.


Before implementing, it’s important to understand the concept of Oracle NetSuite licenses, since that will form the foundation of the deployment. Based on the goals, objectives, and requirements, businesses must select the right license type for specific modules or based on the total number of users, for ensuring maximum output and results.


Types Of Oracle NetSuite Licenses


There are two types of licenses offered by Oracle Netsuite: Role Based, and module based.


Role Based License


This licensing structure revolves around the user's designated role within the organization. For instance, top-level management personnel, including Founders, including CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, and other top management, can subscribe to a full-access license, which grants them unrestrained access to all sections and modules of Cloud ERP


For other employees, you can choose an Employee Center Access License. This license grants access to the Oracle NetSuite ERP platform based on each user's specific roles and responsibilities within the organization. With this approach, users gain precisely the permissions they require, ensuring efficiency and security in their day-to-day tasks.


Module Based License


On the other hand, Oracle NetSuite offers a Module-Based licensing structure wherein the organizations get the option to select and pay only for the specific modules that align with their unique business requirements. 


Oracle NetSuite offers a wide array of modules, each catering to distinct aspects of business operations: Oracle NetSuite Advanced Financials for financial control, Revenue Recognition and visibility, Oracle NetSuite One World for managing multiple subsidiaries and currency, Oracle NetSuite for Manufacturing, and more such modules.

Businesses can choose the module that they need for their specific needs, and pay the subscription charges for only those modules.


Oracle NetSuite License Cost


The cost of Oracle NetSuite licenses is determined based on the size of the business and its specific requirements/ number of modules/ number of users. There are various packages based on your business verticals and your business requirements. 


Why Inspirria For Oracle NetSuite License?


Inspirria is a leading and an award-winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation partner, with more than 10 years of experience in deploying Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP solutions for enterprises, corporates, SMEs, and startups.


We can analyze the specific and unique requirements of any business, and suggest the best license type that fulfills all the requirements, without spending a fortune on technological costs.


Connect with our NetSuite Experts to find out more about Oracle NetSuite Licenses, and discover how to select the right license type for your business.

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Thursday, August 3, 2023

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