4 Reasons Why Food & Beverages Companies Should Choose NetSuite

Food & Beverages is one of the oldest industries in the world and one amongst the most dynamic as well. With the advent of the digital age, the dynamics of this industry has taken a leap towards a new change, and a new process which demands expertise.


This industry is chaotic, demanding and very specific towards the needs and requirements of their customers. Today, data has become the most important entity for the food and beverage industry, and the correct use of trends and data can literally change the game.

The restaurants and the pubs; hotels and the confectionery need to be present at the right time, with the right offers, for the right audience.

A solid ERP which understands the food and beverages industry, and a dynamic, flexible CRM software which remembers each and every customer, both have become a necessity for this industry.

And this is where NetSuite comes into the picture.

Here are four reasons why food and beverages businesses need NetSuite today, more than ever:


1. Demand Prediction

NetSuite has understood the food and beverages business, and have included specific features and capabilities in the module, which specifically caters to the food and beverages industry.

Based on the historical data of customers’ orders, and the current trends, NetSuite’s customized dashboards can accurately predict the demand and alert the management about what is currently required.

This means more power and more options for the chefs to please their customers. And this translates to more business.

2. Optimized Supply Chain

Today, your next order can arrive from anywhere, and you will need a robust system to trace it and track the supply chain for timely deliveries.

NetSuite provides restaurants and eateries with customized dashboards and reports, so that supply chain is always optimized, and on-time. The concerned personels responsible for the delivery can track the progress in real-time, and inform the customers about the expected delivery and more.

Moreover, the system will also assist in tracking and monitoring the vendors with real-time inventory management so that you are aware, when you need that next supply of raw materials.

The business of food becomes seamless when NetSuite empowers it.

3.Streamlined Sales Cycle

NetSuite provides restaurant and hotel owners with an omnichannel sales process, which includes call centers, website, app-based market place or in-house orders. This means that you are in control of the orders, no matter where they are arriving, and how many they are arriving.

The orders get logged into the system in real-time, and you can track each and every process, live.

4. BI Powered Production

In the business of food, production is the most important aspect: If you are not ready to prepare food at the right time, then nothing else matter. With NetSuite’s Business Intellience, production for your restaurant and hotel becomes seamless, and you are ready to deliver as and when required.

Not only you can optimally plan the inventory (demand and supply ratio), but also manage the shift of employees, reduce changeover time and more. Your efficiency quotient drastically improves, making success inevitable.

Inspirria can help your food and beverages business to leverage the power of NetSuite, and take your business to the next level. For more information, please visit us.


Friday, July 5, 2019

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