NetSuite for AdTech Companies

NetSuite for Ad Tech companies

Advertising technology companies are leading innovators. They have been the pioneers in disrupting tried and tested practices to make media and advertising increasingly relevant and engaging to audiences.
NetSuite has a solution for AdTech companies that enables them to manage customers as well as partners through a single app which integrates sales and order management processes with back-end financial and accounting processes. The AdTech edition of NetSuite is an amalgamation of experiences from various AdTech organizations and it delivers an industry-focused methodology.
This edition offers:

  • Role-based, customization dashboards
  • Real-time, industry-specific KPIs
  • Integrated CRM and ERP
  • Customer self-service centers

Comprehensive system for the order-to-invoice lifecycle
Earlier on, AdTech firms had to integrate their own platforms with third party interfaces of their partners. NetSuite eliminates that complication with a unified solution.

  • Seamlessly manage sales processes by adding orders from brands and agency; absorbing MSAs for buyers/sellers and integrating subscriptions to ad tech platforms
  • Receipt of billing information becomes easy as third-party platforms can collaborate and invoices get generated as per billing schedules
  • Integration with other solutions, such as DoubleClick, OpenAds and other verification servers for business

Let’s deep dive into some of the key advantages:
NetSuite allows AdTech companies gain clear visibility into the revenue streams of Customers, Partners and Platform sales. At one glance they are able to view the advertising sales in real-time. Revenue tracking and recognition data can be managed as information is available at fingertips. The same applies to publisher information, as publisher sales and campaign performance is on-demand and real-time. NetSuite’s customer relationship management solution, on the other hand, has the ability to track subscriber customers, their payment histories and more. AdTech companies now find goals such as improving the efficiency of their advertising sales-to-cash processes, providing real-time business analytics to make better business decisions and increasing customer service levels and reduce costs actually achievable. Complex ad order fulfillment is simplified and they can automatically import the unique ID code from each ad placement into NetSuite. Tracking and Billing can be done as per engagement – campaign data is completely imported and invoices are generated.
Industry-focused technology suite
NetSuite is intelligent, integrated and customizable. Unifying business processes with NetSuite provides a full view across all departments, including sales, marketing, accounting and management.
Media and AdTech industries need to develop rapidly in pace with the connected customer -organizations in this space see their audiences interacting through multiple devices and their preferences changing constantly too. As such, Software as a Service is perfect here as these firms are adopting a utility model having matured from relationship selling (Agency of Record model) to project selling (Campaign-by-Campaign Insertion Orders) to utility selling (Always-On programs). The challenge of keeping pace with savvy audiences and delivering relevant content and ads is thereby efficiently overcome with NetSuite AdTech. This is that impressive feature list (some of the features maybe available through add-on modules)

  • Customer Self-Service (Impression tracking; Order history; Status of ad fulfillment; Online case capture; Knowledge base; Payment history and status)
  • Partner Relationship Management (Affiliate marketing; Customer, agency, partner, self-service centers and Website analytics)
  • Employee Management and Productivity (Role-based dashboards; Paperless expense reports; Advanced calendaring; Activity time management; Employee records; Purchase requisitions; Document management; Employee self-service)

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Friday, September 14, 2018

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