5 Cloud Computing Trends For 2021 Which Will Impact Your Business & Growth

2020 witnessed one of the worst pandemic encountered by humanity, and it changed everything: The way we live, the way we interact, and the way we do business.

Cloud Computing is one of those catalysts which helped businesses deal with this sudden change and enabled businesses to manage this transition smoothly. 

Work from home, for example, was made possible largely due to Cloud computing capabilities, and millions of employees all across the globe continued to do their job despite severe lockdowns imposed by Governments to contain the deadly virus.

2021 will witness further emergence and usage of Cloud computing, and not only help businesses survive but also thrive.

Here are the 5 Cloud Computing trends for 2021, which will directly impact your business, and overall growth in the years to come..

Global Cloud Computing Market Will Continue To Surge

As per a report by Forrester Research, the global Cloud Computing market will continue to surge and expand at an even greater pace in 2021. And the pandemic is one of the strongest reasons why.

As more and more companies and corporations all around the globe will embrace Cloud Computing, the global public cloud infrastructure market will swell to a whooping $120 billion in 2021, which is an incredible increase of 35% year on year.

More Industries, Sectors Will Join The Cloud

One of the biggest impacts of coronavirus on the business and corporate world has been the emergence of location-free work. Be it employees, customers, or vendors: everyone is now preferring work to be done remotely, with minimum social interaction.

Although this will change as the pandemic ends, this entire habit of working remotely, using Cloud as the leverage will increase and expand. More and more industries, sectors and businesses will join embrace Cloud computing for enabling remote work, and this will have a ripple effect on the overall business and corporate world.

Serverless Computing Will Optimise ROI

The concept of going serverless is now new per se, but in 2021, being serverless will be the top priority of organizations, and this will be a huge boost to the overall concept of Cloud Computing.

Top Cloud computing providers like NetSuite ERP already support a serverless environment, even when integrating with 3rd party Cloud providers like Salesforce, and this trend will increase in 2021.

With serverless computing, Clients can save money, Cloud providers can optimize their resources and it’s a win-win situation for all.

True Cloud Will Be The New Truth

The concept of True Cloud will gain momentum within Cloud Computing, which will be aided by the support of leading Cloud computing providers such as NetSuite, which provides True Cloud ERP for all their users.

With True Cloud, clients don’t need to be bothered about updates, latency, maintaining servers, scaling up, and more. By the time 2021 ends, True Cloud will become the defacto truth of the entire Cloud Computing world.

Cloud Computing Will Enable More Data Security

One of the biggest reasons why Cloud computing platforms such as Oracle NetSuite gained momentum in the last few years is data security and safety. And in 2021, we are expecting more and more businesses opting for Cloud computing, due to this factor.

For example, NetSuite deploys 256-bit TLS encryption for the highest security and safety of data, which is slowly but gradually becoming an industry standard.

Cloud means safe and secured data, and this idea will spread more and more in 2021.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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