NetSuite For Fashion Brands: Attain Nirvana With Omnichannel Retailing & More

NetSuite for Fashion Brand

For most of the customers, buying a fashion product such as an evening gown is a personal decision. That dress is not just a cloth stitched in a fancy way, but a statement, a form of expression, and very close to the buyer.

Her identity and her existence will be defined by that dress, and if your fashion brands fail to deliver what that customer is expecting, then it’s a big failure for your brand.


NetSuite, the world’s most popular Cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions provider has clearly understood the intricacies of the fashion business, and have accordingly developed a module which empowers fashion brands with never-seen-before business intelligence and expertise.

Fashion brands can now attain the true nirvana, with scintillating features such as omnichannel retailing, multi-platform support, Save the Sale advantage and more.

Your fashion business will change forever, with NetSuite.

Omnichannel Retailing Becomes Seamless With NetSuite

Today, the point of sale for any fashion product has expanded from just a physical outlet to the website, mobile app, call centers and more.

Imagine that your fashion brand is running a special sale campaign, and a customer visits your physical outlet, assuming that the special evening dress which she saw in an online ad is available there.

But to her dismay, that particular unit is out of stock, and this destroys the enthusiasm with which that customer had approached your brand.

You lose her forever.

NetSuite’s module for fashion business rectifies these errors and provides a unique omnichannel retail experience for better business.

Using NetSuite, you can store and nurture your customer’s data, details of stock and inventory, availability of the products across various retail points, and accordingly devise a customized, tailor-made marketing campaign for the specific user.

With NetSuite, you are harnessing the power of data, and using technology to grow your business by making your customers happy, and loyal.

Never Lose A Customer With NetSuite In Your Side

Using NetSuite, there are several inherent advantages, which cannot be found anywhere else. Combining both ERP and CRM into one common Cloud-based platform, your fashion business will get wings and you will never ever lose a customer.

For example, say a new customer walks into your store and asks for a product she saw online. At that particular moment, that product is out of stock in your store, but still, you can retain that customer.

The ‘Save The Sale’ feature enables you to check the availability of that out of stock product in nearby stores, and arrange that product for your customer. Imagine the happiness and the satisfaction which such sale process will give to your customers.

Another example: Using NetSuite, you can be aware of the exact status of your inventory, the current trends in the industry, the exact position of your vendors/suppliers regarding delivery, what your customers needs, and wants, and when do they want it.

In short, you become more flexible, more agile, and more empowered to handle any customer, any vendor/supplier, and/or any situation in your fashion business.

In short, you attain nirvana.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

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