NetSuite & Inspirria Human Resource & Payroll Management Has The Perfect Solution For UAE Market

One of the biggest problems faced by HR managers in UAE is the availability of the right data, at the right time, for the right purpose. Most of the time the HR Dept is invested in collaborating data from various sources, and using them for recruitment, employee retention, managing salaries, leaves and more.

With a diverse experience of serving thousands of businesses globally, NetSuite & Inspirria have the best solution for managing all aspects of HR in an organization and streamline the operations.

NetSuite cloud ERP solution Combined With Inspirria’s SuiteApps

Using NetSuite’s framework, Inspirria has developed two cutting edge SuiteApps: Leave Management & PayEdge, which are equipped with features and capabilities to handle leaves and salaries of all employees in an organization. 

Once you opt for Inspirria’s custom-built HR and Payroll suiteapp which is built for NetSuite platform, your organization will be super-charged with rich features and capabilities for HR management and error free and accurate salary processing for your organisation.

HR managers and HR departments can now experience the power of real-time data and analytics, along with a fully automated workflow, 360-degree view of all employees, their achievements, strengths, weaknesses, productivity charts, resource allocations and much more.

What Can you Expect From NetSuite &  Inspirria HR and Payroll:

NetSuite and Inspirria’s SuiteApps for leave management and salary management have been developed with one single focus- Putting your employees on the center stage. 

24*7, Universal Access Of Data

Using Cloud computing as the foundation, NetSuite makes sure that your HR-related data is accessible anytime, anywhere, and with only those who are authorized to access it. HR managers can be anywhere in the globe, and still will be able to access data via mobile, laptop or tablet anytime of the day, 24*7.

Seamless Handling Of Leaves 

Using Inspirria’s custom made SuiteApp: Leave Management System, HR managers can now automate the entire process of leave requests and approvals. Based on the employees’ track record related to productivity, leaves, current project allocation and more factors, leaves can be approved or rejected. 

Accurate, Timely Disbursement Of Salaries

Inspirria’s PayEdge, which is a SuiteApp developed for handling salaries for employees ensures that your organization is able to provide timely and accurate salaries based on increments, arrears, shift handling, variable payments, deductions, taxes and more.

Optimized Employee Management Based On Merit & Productivity

NetSuite cloud solution combined with Inspirria’s PayEdge gives your organization the leverage and capability to classify employees based on their work and qualifications, and define salaries based on the same. 

We can handle all aspects of complex payroll requirements such as single-click payroll processing, salary hold arrangement and multi-currency support and more.

For more details, feel free to use this link to schedule a no-obligation session to discuss your business requirements and expectations from NetSuite and Inspirria’s Suiteapps for managing and optimizing your HR operations and end-to-end payroll management.

Friday, August 28, 2020

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