Know Why NetSuite Cloud ERP Is The Best System To Take Care Of Your Business Operations

Oracle NetSuite provides a True Cloud ERP platform, which has revolutionized more than 40,000 businesses worldwide and empowered them to increase their revenues, reduce IT expenses, and motivate their employees.

True Cloud ERP by NetSuite is a gamechanger.

If you are searching for an ERP which can help you run your business operations, then stop your search right away, because NetSuite’s 100% Cloud ERP is the solution your business needs.

Before we share the 3 reasons why NetSuite Cloud ERP is best for your business, let’s first understand what exactly is a True Cloud.


What Is a True Cloud?


A True Cloud is a platform, which has these 5 basic traits:


Multi-tenant: A single instance of the Cloud runs on a server, and it serves multiple users or tenants at the same time.


Versionless: The platform is auto-updated, without missing a heartbeat. This means that your Cloud platform is also secured, updated and running the latest version.


Web-Based: You don’t need to install another user-interface or tool to access the Cloud. All you need is the Internet and a browser.


Flexible: The building blocks and the layers within the Cloud can be molded, changed and edited, based on the need of the business.


Scalable: As per the usage, the scope of the Cloud computing can be scaled to infinite numbers, without disrupting the basic operations.


A fake Cloud, also known as private or hosted or hybrid Cloud doesn’t have these features of the True Cloud, which makes all the difference to your productivity and ROI.


Hence, a Game Changer, which NetSuite Cloud ERP is, since it's a True Cloud platform.


3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs NetSuite Cloud ERP


Save Money


A business that is using a True Cloud ERP like NetSuite will be able to save 20% to 50% in the TCO or Total Cost Of Ownership of the IT infrastructure. Businesses that don’t end up spending large amounts per year in the hidden costs of IT management and optimization.


Real, tangible, and solid savings, due to usage of True Cloud.


High Productivity, More Results


As per a study, businesses using NetSuite Cloud ERP could reduce their financial close times by 50%, increase sales productivity by 12.5%, and increase inventory turns by whooping 50%.


More productivity, more results, and more return on investment due to True Cloud by NetSuite.


Increased Revenues


And lastly, the bottom line. The reason why businesses exist and why they hustle and dream.


Using NetSuite Cloud ERP platform, organizations were able to enhance their business agility, and increase their revenues.


As per a case study on a business with $10 million annual revenues, it was found that NetSuite directly impacted their bottom line, and they were able to increase 1% revenues on their 75% of the total revenues.


With more than 15 years of experience in Cloud Computing, Inspirria can help you deploy Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP and guide you towards embracing NetSuite’s ERP platform's full potential.


For more details, feel free to use this link to schedule a no-obligation session to discuss your business requirements and expectations from NetSuite.

Friday, September 18, 2020

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