Oracle NetSuite Incentive Management Delivers A Flexible, Feature-Rich Sales Commission Process

NetSuite Incentive Management

Fact #1: Incentives are the soul of sales processes, globally. Be it Fortune 500 company or a new startup: Incentives for the sales champions drive growth.

Fact #2: It’s incredibly hard to manage sales incentives, sales commissions, and more often than not, there are errors in calculations. For example, if a successful sales materialises after months of negotiations and meetings, who exactly is eligible for the commission: Employee or the partner?

Oracle NetSuite is aware of the challenges faced by organizations while calculating and finalizing their sales incentives, and this is the reason they have created a one-of-its-kind ERP module that focuses extensively on incentive management.

Laced with tons of powerful features and extraordinary attention to detail, this 100% Cloud based incentives management ERP module can solve all your problems, when it comes to managing sales incentives.

This translates to a happy and satisfied sales team, which is now aware that their incentives will not disappear, and they will get the commission they deserve. And this means more sales, more revenues and more success for your organization.

Stellar features of NetSuite Incentive Management Program

Here are some stellar features of Oracle NetSuite’s incentives management module, that will help you to manage the end to end sales commission process.

Real-Time Incentives Management For Fast Results

Why should your sales experts and partners wait for getting the commission, when they have given their heart and soul to convert that lead?

With Oracle NetSuite, you can get real-time insights and details about sales trends, quota management, summary of the incentives, source of the sales and more. 

Zero Errors While Calculating Sales Commission

With live and interactive dashboards of incentives at your command, you can ensure zero-errors while calculating sales commissions for the deserving candidates. 

With real time information, a centralized database, and inter-linked data from different departments, you can be assured of highly accurate sales commission data.

Manage & Plan Commissions Seamlessly 

Various decision makers for finalising the sales commission matrix can now collaborate and work together to design the commission structure, and ensure that the entire process is fair and reasonable for all parties.

Your sales managers, finance team and the management can finalise the quotas, sales targets, calculate profitability and risks together in a spread-sheet like interface, and increase productivity easily.

Deploy Complex Commission Processes Without Any Hiccups

With Oracle NetSuite, you can deploy several layers of complex commission processes for the same or different products, without any hiccups. You can design sales commissions based on linear scale, marginal scale, target factor or even without any scale or not.

Depending on the complexities involved (target audience, cost of the product, location challenges and more), you can design the sales incentives program, and ensure that the deserving candidates are able to receive their correct incentives.

Besides, you can also calculate indirect commissions (for partners, affiliates, employees, concerning the same sale), split the sales commissions and closely measure the incentives data for better business planning.

Contact Inspirria today, and schedule a no-obligation, free assessment of your business to explore more about Oracle NetSuite’s Incentives Management module, right away!

Monday, May 24, 2021

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