5 Advantages Of Using Oracle NetSuite For Technology Companies

NetSuite for Technology companies

Technology companies such as software development, fintech, SaaS and others have a unique requirement for long term success: Disruption. They need to disrupt the status-quo every single day, and stay ahead of the curve in order to deliver stunning results.

A lot of ERPs tried to woo technology companies but they terribly failed because they couldn’t gauge the dynamics of their operations, and couldn’t cope with the ‘action-oriented’ operations such companies demanded.

Except Oracle NetSuite.

With decades of experience in providing Cloud based ERP services to global businesses, and working in cutting edge tech solutions for their own software and tools, NetSuite was aware of the challenges and pain points of tech companies.

And this is the reason they developed a separate ERP module that caters to the niche and unique requirements of tech based companies. And the results have been stunning to say the least.

Here are 5 inherent, and robust advantages of deploying Oracle NetSuite for technology companies for consistent and long-term success:

Developed By Tech Company, For Tech Company

Oracle NetSuite is one of the biggest technology based organizations in the world, and they breath and sleep technology. The ERP challenges and voids they faced while managing their own organization helped them to create an ERP that deeply understands tech business. 

Be it resource allocation, project management, human resource, billing, reporting, or quality assurance: Oracle NetSuite for technology companies handles every aspect of the operations, and ensures continuous optimisation across all the verticals. This translates to stunning success and growth of those tech companies that deploys Oracle NetSuite for their ERP needs.

Unparalleled Customer Lifecycle Management 

Right from the moment a lead converts into a customer, Oracle NetSuite’s powerful Cloud based ERP for software companies create a roadmap for ensuring seamless customer lifecycle management. 

From project allocation to delivery, payment and after-sales support, every touch-point in the customer’s journey is managed optimally, and linked with the core business processes of finance, sales and marketing for optimally utilizing the information for better business growth. 

The level at which NetSuite tracks, monitors and analyses the customer’s journey is unparalleled.

Centralized Database, Easily Accessible Across The Organization

Leveraging the full power of Cloud, NetSuite ensures that the information and data of tech companies is stored at centrally, without redundancy and errors. And once stored, the data is available across the organization, depending on the access rights and authority.

This means less time is spent on searching the data, and more time is spent on the core business aspects for ensuring best results. 

Ready Made Template For Assured Success

In order to make the transition from native ERP to the new Cloud based ERP, Oracle NetSuite has provided pre-built configurations for fast results. You can find more than 3000 hours of industry-leading best practices and solutions embedded within the deployment, for giving your technology company that extra push, extra edge against competitors.

With 100+ pre-built reports and pre-configured roles already present, the operations of your technology is already turbo-charged, as soon as the deployment is successfully completed.

Super Fast Deployment With Minimum Downtime

Oracle NetSuite is fast, and agile, and this is the reason technology companies prefer this Cloud ERP over others. Entire implementation can be done within a short time period, which usually took months and years for other ERP providers. 

This means minimal downtime, and fast results. With pre-built user roles, configurations and best practices already present, your tech company becomes unstoppable with Oracle NetSuite.

Need more details about Oracle NetSuite for Software companies and wish to discover why this will be the best choice? Schedule a no-obligation assessment of your business by our expert Oracle NetSuite consultants, and take the 1st step right away. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

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