Find Out How Oracle NetSuite Can Empower Restaurants & Hospitality Industry With Stunning Features

Oracle NetSuite Can Empower Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants and the hospitality industry in general, then data can be that catalyst, which has the power to transform and optimize every aspect related to business operations.


And this converts to more revenues, higher sales, and better ROI.


Oracle NetSuite understands the critical role which business intelligence plays in enhancing the profitability of restaurants, hotels, eateries, and other entities in the hospitality industry. This is the reason Oracle NetSuite for Restaurants is the game-changer.


This highly specialized module can be described as a unified, Cloud-based ERP solution to manage and optimize restaurant operations, and empower the management to make the right business decision, at the right time.


Here are some major highlights, that shall reveal why a growing number of restaurant owners and participants in the hospitality industry are choosing Oracle NetSuite:


Powerful Financial Module


No longer do restaurants and eateries need to depend on manual accounting and basic, standalone accounting software for handling their finances. Oracle NetSuite offers some powerful, and productive financial capabilities such as financial segmentation, custom fiscal calendar, multi-concept/location consolidation, and more, which gives the power back to the management, and gives them unprecedented business and financial intelligence. 

Embrace Growth With Franchise Management


Oracle NetSuite provides one unified, comprehensive Cloud-based platform for managing all aspects of a franchise, and embracing unstoppable growth. With Oracle NetSuite, food chains can now quickly open new stores under the franchise model, view accounts, sales, and other critical details via one single platform collect franchise loyalties and more. 


Inventory Management In Real-Time


Right from Purchase to Plate, track and monitor every asset in the inventory, and get a real-time view for powerful & ROI-centric inventory management. In fact, this tracking can be done based on the recipe types, ingredient purchases, supporting multiple units of measure, transfers, and dashboard KPIs. 

Inspirria Case Study - Custom Stock Consumption Report Generation for Restaurant Business


ROI-Focussed Procurement


Based on the real-time position of inventory, and business intelligence to predict demand and supply, restaurants can now enable an ROI-focussed procurement process, which translates to low wastage, and high productivity, which triggers more revenues, and more profits. With Oracle NetSuite, hospitality industry stakeholders can leverage par levels and reorder points, to make sure that they have the right amount of raw material at any given moment. 


Fixed Assets Management


Tracking and monitoring depreciating or non-depreciating assets was never so seamless and easy. With Oracle NetSuite’s feature-rich Cloud-based ERP, you can now manage the complete restaurant asset lifecycle, besides tracking equipment, warranties, and service schedules, and completely eliminate all manual processes to optimize their assets. 


Delight Your Customers


Oracle NetSuite provides a guest service dashboard, which provides end-to-end customer and guest relationship management. With this feature, restaurant management can understand their guests in a better way, offer them the services they need, and enhance their overall customer experience. 


If you wish to know more about Oracle NetSuite’s module for the Restaurants and Hospitality industry, get in touch with Inspirria, and find out how your business can get an upper hand, right away.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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