3 Big Advantages of Oracle NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution (2021 Edition)

Oracle NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution - Inspirria Cloudtech

Wholesale distribution is challenging, difficult, and very critical. In the US alone, $6 trillion worth of materials, goods, and services are transported every year via wholesale distributors, and this speaks volumes about its relevance and importance.


However, with changing times, the demands and requirements for the customers are also transforming, and there is a growing need for shipments to be faster, accurate, and cheaper. At the same time, wholesalers need to manage labor shortages, pandemics, lockdowns, high fuel costs, and more.


So, how can the wholesaler ensure that their business is optimally run, and there are fewer disruptions in their operations?


The answer lies with Oracle NetSuite, the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform that has revolutionized the way wholesale distribution business is being run and optimized globally. With a keen focus on productivity and performance, Oracle NetSuite offers fascinating features and capabilities for wholesale distributors that empower them to predict deliverables, minimize disruptions, and churn out higher ROI.


With the latest NetSuite 2021 Release 2, Oracle NetSuite has added even more features and functionalities for wholesale distributors, which we will discuss here.


Here are the top three advantages of deploying Oracle NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors, under 2021 Release 2:


Prioritization in Inventory Allocation


Traditionally, the movement of goods from/to inventory used to be first-in-first-out, which is inefficient and unproductive. But with the latest NetSuite update, wholesale distributors can now prioritize the inventory allocation of sales orders, based on factors such as demand, revenues, profit, and more.


Besides, in case a sales order has arrived, but the product is not currently available in the inventory, then the management can predict the earliest date of availability, which further assists them to prioritize deliveries and delight their customers.


Such deep insights into inventory management and resource management translate to more revenues, and more profits.


Unified Customer Experiences


Ecommerce and online selection of the products/services being offered to tech-savvy customers have now become even more seamless, and swift. With one single click, wholesale distributors can now deploy a full-fledged ecommerce site via SuiteCommerce, start both B2B and B2C operations via Internet and mobile.


Besides, NetSuite also allows seamless integration with APIs, marketplaces, point of sale systems, and more third-party services, making the process of online shopping a cakewalk.


Faster Payments, Digitally & Auto-Monitoring


Gone are the days when the wholesale distributor used to send invoices by snail-mail, and then wait for weeks for receiving the payments into their bank accounts.


With the latest update to NetSuite, wholesale distributors can now send a payment link, embedded right into the invoice, and encourage the customers/vendors to make instant payments. Various modes of online payments such as credit, debit cards, etc have been incorporated for smooth and safe transactions.


In fact, NetSuite will automatically start monitoring the invoice, and inform you if the payment has been made in full or not.


Consult with Inspirria, and find out why Oracle NetSuite is the top preference for wholesale distributors, and how we can optimize your business operations with Cloud Technology.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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