This Is How Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Is Transforming Wholesale Distribution Business

The wholesale distribution business, along with the retail business is primarily about timing and technology. 


With the right business decision at the right time, wholesale distributors can not only reduce their losses, but also ensure more revenues, and more profits. By deploying the right technologies for their business, wholesalers can have full control and visibility over their business, and scale and expand as and when needed.


Understanding the inherent business requirements and needs of wholesalers and retailers, Oracle NetSuite has developed a comprehensive module, dedicated specifically to this domain.


Powered with amazing capabilities of Cloud Computing, Oracle NetSuite is empowering wholesalers to expand and grow, and get full control over their business operations for maximum ROI.


Here is an overview of the powerful Cloud-backed features for wholesalers and distributors which Oracle NetSuite offers:


Powerful Ecommerce Capabilities


Oracle NetSuite for Wholesalers and Distributors offers one of the most action-packed Ecommerce capabilities. Ecommerce binds together the website/app with the backend operations of the wholesale business, which translates to a single source of customer data, vendor data, inventory status, and order management data. 


Thus, with Oracle NetSuite, wholesalers can offer their products via any device, at any time, to any customer across the globe. 


Inventory Management


With Oracle NetSuite, wholesalers, and distributors can access real-time insights into inventory and warehouse, which helps them to make smart business decisions, based on hard-core data, and removes the need for assuming things. 


Once you have the precise inventory data, you can tweak your supply chain to ensure speedy delivery, place orders in advance to meet the market demand, deliver the products on time, and ensure higher revenues and sales, from the same efforts and inventory items.


Inventory and Warehouse management are one of the most feature-rich capabilities of the Oracle NetSuite for Wholesalers module. 

Seamless Financial Management


When it comes to managing finances, then the capabilities offered by Oracle NetSuite for Wholesalers are unparalleled. 


With advanced features such as automated tax reporting, compliance with local laws, budgeting and forecasting, demand prediction, and more, wholesalers and distributors now get never-seen-before financial capabilities for making smart business decisions, at the right time. 


Marketing & Sales


Armed with real-time sales data, market trends, demand-supply equations, and inventory status, wholesalers and distributors can now unleash 360-degree marketing and sales campaigns that are highly personalized and customized, as per the customer demand and needs.


Oracle NetSuite ensures data-driven, and customer-centric marketing and sales activities, that ensure higher revenues, and improved profits at reduced expenses.


And we have barely scratched the surface here!


With Oracle NetSuite, wholesalers can also streamline their order management process, get more control over sourcing, and pricing, offer better customer support, and more. 


With TrueCloud-powered Oracle NetSuite, wholesale and distribution businesses are being revolutionized, and transformed.

Get in touch with Oracle NetSuite Experts at Inspirria, find out more about the benefits of Oracle NetSuite for Wholesalers & Distributors module, and take the first step towards higher productivity and profits. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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