Find Out How NetSuite Professional Services Automation Will Turbocharge Your Productivity

The dynamism of the service industry is something that not every organization can handle: The fast pace of deliveries, the mountain of expectations, budget crunch, challenges of resources, and ensuring profits at the end of the day.

Despite having the best talent and top clients, professional services agencies and providers fail to crack the code of productivity, ROI, and profits and in the process, lose their momentum and pace.

With decades of experience in providing world-class Cloud ERP solutions to thousands of global clients, Oracle NetSuite has understood the need and demand of professional service agencies and has devised a top-notch module that not only streamlines the operations but also optimizes them, ensuring higher ROI.

Welcome to NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA), which is disrupting the ERP industry for professional service providers and unleashing a new dawn of innovation, higher productivity, and higher ROI.

Find out how SuiteProjects under NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA) is proving to be a gamechanger for the industry.

Timely Delivery of Projects

All the entities associated with any project: Resources, creators, project managers, and other team members can now collaborate and work on the project at the same time, which accelerates productivity, and empowers the services agency to deliver projects on time.

Optimize Resource Allocation

With NetSuite’s Professional Services Automation module, services agencies and providers can now allocate resources Just in Time, as and when required. Via one single dashboard, services agencies can quickly find out which resources are on the bench, their availability status, and future allocations.

Project Accounting Revolutionized

With the PSA module by NetSuite, services agencies can ensure accurate project accounting, ensure timely and data-centric revenue recognition, and generate bills and invoices based on the actual work done, in a timely manner. The Professional Services Automation module is triggering a revolution in the project accounting domain with world-class features and capabilities.

Integrated Solution for Finance, CRM, and HR Functions

NetSuite is empowering Services agencies with more ammunition and power, by integrating CRM (Customer Relationship Module), finance, and HR functions into one single solution, thereby providing a birds-eye view of the entire organization.

Anytime, Anywhere Access with Mobile App

SuiteProjects under the Professional Services Automation module by NetSuite can be accessed via mobile, from anyplace, anywhere, since it’s based on Cloud platform and hence, platform-independent. This makes data access super easy, super-fast, and independent of the location of the user. Hence, the management of the services agencies can be present literally anywhere, and despite that, control and monitor their business activities without any hiccups.

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Thursday, November 18, 2021

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