Why integrate Oracle NetSuite With POS System

Why integrate Oracle NetSuite With POS System

In the past many years, we at Inspirria have transformed several businesses like restaurants, e-commerce sites, hospitality, drug stores, retail outlets etc by using the power of Oracle NetSuite and helped them to boost their revenues and plug the losses by a huge margin.

In this blog, we will share how we triggered this massive transformation, and the foundation is the integration of the POS system with NetSuite.

The Problem Faced by businesses

Typically, a traditional restaurant or a retail store or a hospitality business that has one or  several chains has a separate POS system for each outlet that records customer’s data, invoices, bill payments, raw materials bought, and more depending on their type of  business.

The problem is data integration with other outlets. 

In most of the cases, the management can have a 360-degree view of the entire business, only after integrating these scattered data across all outlets, and this means loss of time in gathering and analysing the data which prevents them from making smart and quick business decisions. With zero real-time insights, such businesses are losing their competitive edge.

Often, the data is integrated manually, and there can be errors in accounting, inventory updating etc.. 

And in the absence of real-time data, the management incurs heavy losses as well; for example, buying extra raw materials for a particular outlet, when another outlet has surplus raw material that can be used.

How NetSuite Can Help Businesses?

Once we integrate Oracle NetSuite with the POS systems across all the outlets, then you can experience a state-of-the-art ERP system, customized and designed for your businesses.

Three biggest advantages:

Eliminate All Manual Data Processing

After deploying NetSuite for your business and integrating with their POS systems, there is absolutely no need to upload data manually for getting complete information. 

As soon as any data is entered into the POS system, it is automatically collaborated and integrated with the central database, which means full integrity of data, and error-free data management.

Real-time Visibility Of Stocks, Resources etc

NetSuite is a unified platform consisting of ERP, CRM, Financial Management, ecommerce, and omni-channel commerce. In brief, NetSuite is used to manage inventory, keep a track of the financials, organize e-commerce stores, and maintain customer relationship management.

One of the biggest advantages of integrating NetSuite with Micro POS is access to real-time data and information about the complete business operations across all outlets. The combination of the two robust systems like NetSuite with POS, provides great insights to organizations to get a holistic view of the customers and real-time inventory visibility. They support cross-channel processes such as buy or return online and buy or return in a store or vice versa from anytime, anywhere.

The management can checkout stock position, sale and revenue data, resource allocation and more, for all the outlets via one single dashboard.

The management can make smart business decisions, based on accurate information in real-time. Advanced business functions such as forecasting can also be done, with amazing clarity.

Optimal Inventory Management 

Inventory management, one of the most crucial business processes, gets a big boost with NetSuite integration with POS.

Armed with real-time data and information, management can find out exact details about inventory and ensure optimal availability with zero wastage. In case any outlet has less raw material, then the surplus quantity from other outlets can be transferred to that outlet. 

With NetSuite, the management is aware of how much raw materials need to be ordered, what is the actual demand-supply ratio across all the outlets, and the precise situation of the inventory at any given time.

Need more information on how Oracle NetSuite integration with POS can help your businesses to plug losses and increase profits?

Schedule a no-obligation consulting session with Inspirria’s NetSuite Consultants, and find out why your business needs Oracle NetSuite right now!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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