Inspirria ClinicEdge: Robust & Powerful Clinic Management System Developed On NetSuite Framework

NetSuite Clinic Management Software

Within the healthcare sector, clinic management is one of the most chaotic, unorganized domains, and the reason is the lack of a comprehensive system that handles all aspects of managing clinics.


Most clinics still use manual procedures, and tons of excel sheets to manage their operations, leading to chaos, inaccuracy, and data loss, which can severely impact their bottom line in the long run.


Inspirria has understood the problems faced by clinics in managing their operations via the traditional approach, and after deeply understanding the requirements and expectations, they have launched a comprehensive Clinic Management System based on the Oracle NetSuite platform.


Before we share the important features of Inspirria ClinicEdge, let’s first find out the need for this platform.


Why was ClinicEdge Developed By Inspirria?


From the moment a patient enters a clinic for the first time, to the moment he exits, a lot of data and insights are generated, which should be properly stored for future reference. The data should be managed in a way that it’s accessible to doctors, nurses, and the management, as and when needed.


In fact, the data can be shared with the patient too, and with other entities such as insurance providers, and more. 


Without a single, comprehensive system to manage this data storage, and data retrieval, the patient management process becomes messy and unorganized. 


And the eventual loss of the clinic if they are not able to access and process this data when needed. 


With manual process and excel-sheet based management, optimal management of patient data becomes a nightmare. 


Inspirria ClinicEdge is changing this. 


Top Features Of Inspiria ClinicEdge


Inspirria has developed ClinicEdge, a comprehensive clinic management platform based on NetSuite, for addressing these critical issues, and for empowering the healthcare professionals to use data and information optimally.


Here are the top features of ClinicEdge:


Robust Appointment Booking


Once the patient enters the clinic and books an appointment, the information is stored directly on the Cloud, and doctors and patients receive instant alerts for the same, and their calendars are booked accordingly. This removes any confusion or discrepancy regarding the appointments. 


Seamless Medical Assessment Record Management


With ClinicEdge, the medical data related to the patients are stored as per a proper structure, on the Cloud. This way, the management of the clinic along with the doctors are able to access this data as and when needed and can work on it simultaneously, from any location, via any device. 


This is one of the biggest advantages of using ClinicEdge, since medical records and data are saved optimally, and retrieved seamlessly, via the Cloud.


Swift & Accurate Billing


Based on the healthcare services rendered, and the doctor’s charges, clinics are now able to create accurate billing and print the receipts as well. Since the billing module is directly linked with the medical records, there is no discrepancy regarding the billing, and the patients are provided with a detailed description of each service offered, for complete transparency.


Scalable & Efficient Patient Lead Nurturing


Lead nurturing process gets streamlined and scaled with a detailed description of the patient’s needs and requirements, notes from the doctors, and more. Since the leads are now stored directly on the Cloud, the sales and marketing team can optimally leverage the information, and make timely contacts with the patients for more conversions.


ClinicEdge by Inspirria is enabling clinics to become more efficient and productive, and helping them to serve their patients in a better, organized way.

For more details about ClinicEdge by Inspirria, please visit here.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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