This Is How NetSuite Demand Planning Will Streamline Your Business Operations

NetSuite Demand Planning

Before we share the tangible, and quite visible advantages of Oracle NetSuite’s Demand Planning module, and how it can streamline and optimize your business operations, let’s first understand what exactly is demand planning, and its relevance for your business.


What Is Demand Planning


Demand planning, or in some management jargon Demand Management, is a core management strategy to ensure the organization is able to meet the demand, based on the supply, within the budget, and fulfilling the primary business goals.


It involves inventory management, optimizing production, meeting the fluctuations in the market’s ever-changing needs, optimizing marketing for getting consistent business, or enhancing supply chain and logistics to ensure timely delivery of the products and services.


This clearly shows how important and crucial demand planning is for any organization.


Oracle NetSuite’s Demand Planning Is The Game Changer


Oracle NetSuite, which is the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform, offers a powerful and robust Demand Planning module, that empowers organizations to leverage the power of Cloud and Technology to efficiently manage every sort of demand.


With Oracle NetSuite’s Demand Planning module, businesses can analyze the customer trends, get real-time status of inventory, analyze historical data for predicting the demand, and a lot more.


Demand Planning by Oracle NetSuite is the game-changer platform that every organization, both big and small needs for triggering super-fast growth.


Key Benefits Of Oracle NetSuite’s Demand Planning


Inventory Management Optimized


With the Demand Planning module from Oracle NetSuite, businesses can now have access to multi-location inventory status, in real-time. This means that at any point in time, the management and Sales Managers can have real-time information about all the inventory locations, know which products are in short supply, or which products need to be ordered right away.


This information enables smart business decisions and helps businesses to manage the demand in an optimal manner.


Flexible Exceptions Management


In case there are priority customers or a sudden spike in demand, then with NetSuite, you can seamlessly handle such exceptions, and make sure that demand is met within the timeline. 

AI-powered Oracle NetSuite will automatically offer intelligent supply reallocations recommendations to the managers, in case of such exceptions, and allow the supply of that product from multiple locations, unallocated resources and more. 


Planning Action Messages for smart decisions


Oracle NetSuite also offers the feature of planning action, that enables the management, and the planners to have all the information needed for optimal planning and decision-making, at the right time.


This way, more accurate and timely decisions can be made, enhancing overall productivity and ROI.


Cost Optimization With Consolidation, Simplification & Seamless Workflow


The demand planning platform offered by Oracle NetSuite also has a big role in cost optimization for order management and ensuring that the delivery and shipping costs are reduced. Not only does the ordering process become easier, but with the order consolidation function, similar orders can be grouped together, and shipped together for reducing expenses.

The workflow becomes seamless, more productive with auto-approvals, and rule-based approvals.


And we have barely scratched the surface here! 


Get in touch with Inspirria, an award-winning Oracle NetSuite Implementation Partner, and find out how Oracle NetSuite Demand Planning can optimize your business operations, and help you generate more revenues, reduce cost, and boost productivity.

Monday, January 24, 2022

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