Fight Covid-19 Business Challenges using NetSuite Cloud Technology

Covid-19 outbreak has wreaked havoc across the globe, and without any doubt, businesses are being impacted.

This sudden pandemic, which started in late 2019, has forced businesses to shut down and/or slow down, supply chains to get disrupted, and jobs are being reduced. Be it travel industry or retail; manufacturing or advertisement; software or wholesale distribution: Coronavirus has spared no one.

Amidst this chaos and uncertainties, businesses of all shapes and sizes are desperately hunting for ways using which they can survive this mayhem.

Search is on for that magical solution, which empowers them to weather this storm and develop a strategy that enables them to not only survive, but also thrive.

But, what can be that one-stop solution?

Based on our experience, that solution is technology.

And here is the evidence.

Organizations Cannot Afford To Cut Spending On Technology

NetSuite conducted a survey of small to medium organizations, to get a pulse of the situation, and overall, one thing is clear: Every organization is cutting their expenditure of various business expenses, except technology.

This is why 25% of the respondents from companies having less than $10 million in revenues are very positive about the scale of business for the next 6 months.

Although spending cuts are expected for the major part of 2020, the respondents admitted that budget cuts in technology spending will be the least.

This clearly showcases the optimism and strategic planning for these entrepreneurs, who are aware that the solution which they are seeking is hidden amidst technology. Be it any business, technology is the tool that will help them to ride this tide, and emerge victoriously.

And if we talk about technology, then Cloud-based ERP is one solid investment that actually makes sense.

Cloud Based ERP Will Help Your Business Fight Slowdown Due To Coronavirus

Businesses which are using on-premise ERP solution are the worst hit during this pandemic: Either they are falling short of employees who can come to their office to operate it or they are finding it difficult to get required support and solutions for the same.

And if a business is not able to access their on-premise ERP, then their entire operations get impacted. One big disadvantage of on-premise ERP and software is that, they need physical access at the location where it’s deployed. Software upgrades, sales and support and more activities get hampered, and subsequently, their business is impacted.

This is why Cloud-based ERP is one of the tech-based solutions, which actually empowers businesses to fight the slowdown and stay on track with maximum productivity.

3 quick reasons why:

Your employees need not come to office to operate such Cloud based ERP. They can work from anywhere, and access any database, forms, reports, and business intelligence they want, using mobile or laptop or tablet. Complete flexibility.

Popular Cloud based ERP such as NetSuite will continue to provide their excellent support and services, which means that your ERP is always up and running.

With 24*7 access to the Cloud, businesses can be ensured that they are never away from their key entities - vendors, customers, clients, dealers, and wholesalers.

When you have such a feature-rich and trusted tech-powered solution, then nothing can stop you, not even coronavirus.

Inspirria Will Help You Fight This Slowdown With Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is the world’s fastest-growing, 100% Cloud-based ERP platform, which is right now being trusted by thousands of businesses all over the world for its robust, flexible and state of the art features.

And Inspirria is a premium Oracle NetSuite Partner specializing in NetSuite Implementation, Integration, Consulting and Managed Services, and the winner of Oracle NetSuite APAC Partner of the Year award.

When team up with NetSuite and Inspirria, then you can be assured of experiencing a powerful Cloud technology-based suite of ERP solution, which will enable you to not only survive this uncertainty unleashed by a coronavirus, but also thrive and grow.

To know more about NetSuite, and its distinct Cloud-based advantages over stand-alone ERP, contact us right away.


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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