Indian Taxation Bundle By Inspirria: A Powerful Oracle NetSuite Certified SuiteApp For Accurate Tax Reporting

Reporting and filing Goods and Services Tax or GST is a statutory compliance for every business operating in India, based on the threshold level of revenues and annual turnover.

It doesn’t matter if your business has its origin in India or any other nation: If the annual revenues fall under the threshold as provisioned under GST laws, you will need to file GST as per the schedule.

The problem is that, calculating, reporting and filing GST is very complicated, and diversified based on the nature of the business and location of the business since GST is a destination based taxation framework.

Solving The GST Puzzle: Indian Taxation Bundle

Understanding this need of businesses, Inspirria has developed an Oracle NetSuite Certified SuiteApp called Indian Taxation Bundle or IIT, that has revolutionized the way GST is calculated, reported, filed and audited. 

Since this a SuiteApp certified by Oracle NetSuite, IIT can be seamlessly integrated with any existing NetSuite deployment, and you can start using this SuiteApp from day 1. You can be assured of strict data privacy compliance with IIT, with state of the art mechanism to protect the integrity of your information. 

Why Indian Taxation Bundle?

Checkout some stellar features of Indian Taxation Bundle that has been meticulously designed and developed by Inspirria for helping businesses manage GST process:

Seamless Integration With DIfferent Business Processes


One of the biggest challenges that businesses face while complying with GST is integration of tax related information from different departments. And IIT solves this problem with aplomb. 

Using IIT, you can now integrate Invoices, Vendor Bills, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Deposits and more into one single platform, along with related localized taxes such as TDS, Service tax, VAT and others. This means zero error, and easy calculation of GST.

100% Compliance With Indian Laws Related With GST

Businesses can have hundreds and thousands of transactions between vendors and customers and tracking every transaction is critical for error-free GST reporting. With Indian Taxation Bundle, this obstacle is overcome easily.

Specifically tailor-made and customized for GST laws, businesses can get detailed statements for all the transactions related to the vendors and customers, and even take a print-out for closer scrutiny. 

This solves a major chunk of the issues related with GST calculation.

Up To Date, Automated Reporting

Automation is a critical ingredient of Indian Taxation Bundle, and this makes reporting a cakewalk for your finance teams. Be it GST calculations, detailed transactions, exceptions, calculations of localised taxes like VAT, excise duty etc: You can get up-to-date reports as and when required, and even download them as per your preference in CSV, Excel, PDF or Word format.

Besides, Indian Taxation Bundle fully supports Schedule VI Formats For Balance Sheet, that means your business will be always reporting and filing GST in the appropriate format, without any errors or omissions. 

Curious to find out more information and details about Indian Taxation Bundle for managing GST compliance for your business? Schedule a no-obligation assessment of your business right here, and take the right step towards solving the GST maze, right away!

Monday, May 17, 2021

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