NetSuite 2023.1 Release Update: Find Out How Supply Chain Becomes More Efficient & ROI-Focussed

NetSuite update for Supply Chain

NetSuite 2023 Release 1 has some major updates and enhancements for all major modules, which will boost the overall efficiency and work processes of businesses that have chosen this powerful Cloud ERP platform.


There are some exciting updates in the Warehouse Management and Supply Chain modules, which will not only improve the overall productivity of the employees but also help manufacturers and wholesalers to reduce costs and maximize profits.


Here are the highlights from NetSuite 2023 Release 1 for supply chain and warehouse management:


Autonomous Supply Chain


With the latest release, Oracle NetSuite has enabled a completely autonomous supply chain process, which will help the employees to quickly and efficiently pack goods, based on specific business and client requirements.


One Single Application For Shipping Orders


To start with, warehouse employees can now pack, arrange and prepare orders via one single mobile application with NetSuite Ship Central, which translates to swift and efficient flow. This has been made possible after the addition of shipping functionality to NetSuite Pack Station, under NetSuite 2023 Release 1.


How will this help?


With one single source of information regarding multiple orders to the same address, Ship Central can now be used to consolidate these orders and lower shipping and logistics costs.


New Workflows In NetSuite Ship Central 


NetSuite 2023 Release 1 has empowered managers and supervisors to create customized and tailored fulfillment packing and shipping workflows, as per the business requirements and needs. 


Besides, there exist new roles and dashboards for warehouse managers and supervisors for seamless tracking of pending orders and ongoing shipments.


Warehouse Management Packed With Powerful Features


NetSuite’s Warehouse Management System receives a big boost under NetSuite 2023.1.


Individual items within a package can be now segregated and picked separately under NetSuite WMS’s latest version, for more efficient results, customized and tailor-made for the customers. 


How will it help?


Instead of one warehouse worker pulling 5 different items across the warehouse for packing, the associate can now pick say 3 orders from the nearest zones, and his co-workers can pick the remaining 2 items from their zones, and then later all these can be pooled together for packing. 


It saves time, and resources and enhances productivity. 


Besides, warehouse employees can mark partially picked orders as complete, which can be very useful when stocks are low, and the supervisor/management doesn’t want one customer to get all the remaining inventory. 


Inventory Counting Made Easy


NetSuite Smart Count functionality has been added under NetSuite 2023.1, wherein employees can perform cycle counts, without shutting down entire operations. 


Besides, employees can now count on their mobile phones, and in case there exists any discrepancy between recorded count and actual count, then it can be fixed with a few taps on the screen.


Additionally, NetSuite has now released Costed BOM Report SuiteApp, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of expenses for the management such as labor, machinery, material, overhead costs, setup, and more.


Connect with Inspirria’s Team to find out more about the new updates in NetSuite 2023 Release 1, and discover how your supply chain and warehouse management can be streamlined, optimized, and fine-tuned for more ROI and more productivity. 

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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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