Case Studies

Custom Procurement Report Generation for Restaurant Business

Solutions Offered : Provided the scripted solution for purchase report. We are calculating the percentage as per the total amount purchased for that item and categorising it under A,B and C category.


Custom NetSuite Revenue Recognition for Visual Engagement and Advertisement Company

Solutions Offered:
Maintain status for each line and each status has a percentage weightage.
As per the status of each line overall sales order status will be calculated.

Case Study - Oracle NetSuite Custom Inventory Solution for Purchased Goods


Easy updation of records for items to be used for internal use.

Timely update in inventory for sales for accurate billing. 


Oracle NetSuite Data Migration for a Construction Company

Business Challenge:

To Identify the exact number of transaction and count of all AR/AP GL documents and download these transactional documents from NetSuite and upload them on Box server as well as NetSuite File Cabinet.


Case Study - Oracle NetSuite ERP Implementation with HR and Payroll Solution for Africa Market

Solution offered :

• Oracle NetSuite ERP Implementation offered a unified platform for end-to-end visibility across the

business aligned with the company's focus on Inventory and Employee data.

• Provided First Expired First Out (FEFO) system for Inventory Management


Case Study - NetSuite Integration with HSBC Bank EFT

Business Challenges :

• Integration between HSBC Bank Server & NetSuite platforms to manage Electronic Fund Transfer processes.

• Approve the Bills & Checks which has EFT option


Case Study - NetSuite-Salesforce Integration

Business Challenges :

• Integration between Salesforce & NetSuite platforms to manage below processes.

• Create/Update Customer in NetSuite based on data sent by Salesforce

• Create Charge Code Custom Record based on data sent by Salesforce


Case Study - Oracle NetSuite ERP Solution for Oil and Gas Industry


• NetSuite Inventory Management gives real-time visibility into stock in warehouse

• As NetSuite is a fully integrated system so data entry is reduced

• Scalable cloud solution with OnDemand Web Application


NetSuite One World for IT Enabled Services

Solutions Offered

• Oracle NetSuite offered a unified platform for end-to-end visibility across the business through System Integration process. Since they have multiple subsidiaries with multiple currencies, so NetSuite One World account is the best fitted solution for them.


Oracle NetSuite One World Implementation

Business Challenges

• Lack of visibility in the inventory and financial requirements due to scale of business.

• Difficulty in maintaining 1+ Million stock/SKU across multiple products across 70+ outlets.



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