Reasons Why Businesses Are Choosing NetSuite Over QuickBooks

NetSuite vs Quickbooks

When Aloha Fashion Accessories from Los Angeles, US deployed QuickBooks, they were small, had only one outlet, and basically needed accounting software.


But once Aloha grew big, opened up several stores, expanded its portfolio and customers, then they struggled to maintain the books and could not take smart business decisions, mainly because QuickBooks wasn’t enough.


At that moment, they opted for Oracle NetSuite, the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform, and everything changed. Not only were they able to optimally maintain and monitor their financial operations like accounting, but also were able to get a 360-degree view of the entire business, and were able to make smart business decisions. 


In this blog, we will share why businesses are now choosing Oracle NetSuite as an alternative to QuickBooks, and how they are getting empowered with this decision.


Reason #1 Accounting & Beyond


QuickBooks is basically an accounting software for small businesses that helps small business owners to maintain their accounting books. But once a business grows and expands, then such basic accounting software doesn’t help anymore.


At this stage of business operations, you need business intelligence and the power of technology to understand and decode your pain points and find appropriate solutions. You just don’t need basic accounting operations, but you need insights to understand the cash flow, the market demand, and the sales projections to think ahead and visualize the future. 


Oracle NetSuite does that with remarkable clarity, and this is the reason 93% of businesses experienced increased visibility and control over their business, once they switched to best quickbook alternative - NetSuite. (Source: TechValidate Survey 2021)


Reason #2 Business Automation 


Besides providing support for basic accounting operations, QuickBooks doesn’t offer much business management expertise, and that gap is filled by Oracle NetSuite’s amazing Cloud-based ERP functionalities. 


And business automation is a critical factor in this aspect. 


With Oracle NetSuite, you can automate and streamline critical business operations and complaints such as taxation, vendor communication, supply chain updates, logistics monitoring, taxes, HR-related functions and more. 


By automating these tasks, the business owner is able to focus on the core business tasks, free up crucial resources, and direct them towards expanding their business.


Reason #3 More ROI, More Productivity


Oracle NetSuite’s subscription models are designed in a way to enable small businesses and startups to comfortably opt for them, and grow their business with ease, without burning a hole in their pockets. 


But the biggest advantage is enhanced productivity and seamless scalability of business operations, which QuickBooks or any other accounting-centric software fails to provide. With an accounting tool, all you can maintain is the balance sheet, and record your transactions but with an advanced ERP platform, businesses can conduct in-depth revenue recognition, budget forecasts, sales predictions, get real-time visibility into billing and revenues, maintain General Ledger down to individual transactions and more.


With such power-packed features, businesses can lower their operational costs, make smart business decisions and gain an edge over their competitors. 

Want to know more reasons why businesses are choosing Oracle NetSuite as a quickbook alternative? Schedule a no-obligation consulting session with our NetSuite Consultants, and take the first step towards your business transformation. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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