Manage Global Operations Effortlessly With NetSuite OneWorld: 5 Unique Features You Should Know

NetSuite OneWorld Implementation

Globalization is no more a luxury today; it has become a necessity.

If an organization wants to expand and grow beyond their competitors and create a legacy, then they will have to expand globally, and create footprints in every major market.

But along with globalization, comes the problem of effective management and optimization of resources. For local offices and factories, micro-management is manageable even without using a software.

But for global operations and 24*7 business activities, organizations need a robust technological platform, which is robust, scalable and powerful.

NetSuite understands the importance of globalization, and this is the reason they have created a module called NetSuite OneWorld, which focuses extensively on managing global operations, seamlessly.

NetSuite OneWorld is powered by data, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of operations scattered across multiple nations. And most importantly, it’s a scalable solution, which means that businesses don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time they enter a new country: The solutions offered by OneWorld from NetSuite can be replicated and deployed quickly.

Here are 5 unique features of NetSuite OneWorld which you should be aware:

360 Degree View Of Global Accounting & Finances

First thing first: NetSuite OneWorld provides a powerful, flexible and feature-rich platform for managing finances of any organization, on a global scale.

If your business is headquartered in Sydney, and you wish to know the daily sales figure arising from an outlet in Chicago, you can seamlessly do it using OneWorld.

Be it maintaining and following accounting protocols of different cities across different nations in real-time, or using multi-language interfaces to understand the financial reports, NetSuite OneWorld has it all.

Flexibility In Handling Transactions

It may be possible that not every office of a global organization has deployed NetSuite, but still, it will not hamper the organization’s work efficiency. With NetSuite OneWorld, organizations can download or upload the transactional data using CSV, and share them with their associates across any location for seamless, uniform data access and updates.

Besides, the cloud computing framework of NetSuite provides unprecedented flexibility. For instance, multiple transactions across multiple nations can be coordinated and synced across the organization, without any hassle.

Supports Multiple Currencies

Handling the currencies and exchange rates across different nations is another big trouble for a global enterprise. But with NetSuite OneWorld, this becomes super easy.

NetSuite supports currency of 190+ nations, and real-time currency conversion mechanism, which means that your business is never lagging behind in calculating profits from revenues, and there is no backlog related to multi-currency consolidation.

Taxation Becomes Easy

NetSuite’s SuiteTax engine is deployed for OneWorld module as well, which means that the finance department of your global organization will never face any issue while calculating, reporting and auditing multi-nation taxation.

NetSuite will handle taxation protocols and rules of 100+ nations via SuiteTax engine, thereby enabling your company to manage taxes seamlessly.

Powerful Cloud Features For More Flexibility

Since NetSuite is 100% powered by Cloud, your location becomes irrelevant, when it comes to running your business. You can be anywhere, and still be in 100% control of your sales, customer service, taxation, financials and world flow.

Data can be accessed via mobile, laptop or tablet, and using interactive, powerful dashboards, you can sense the pulse of your business in an instant.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

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