Useful & Productive Features Of Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management

Businesses such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and FMCG are dependent on an effective and efficient supply chain, and in case this gets disrupted, then it can lead to severe business loss and upset customers/vendors.


With a seamless and efficient supply chain, businesses can experience an increase in revenues, delightful customers, and long-term results.


Oracle NetSuite understands the importance and relevance of Supply Chain management, and this is the reason they have developed a powerful and scalable module, dedicated to managing and optimizing Supply Chain.


Why Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management?

- Oracle NetSuite supply chain management solutions empower companies to efficiently manage the entire journey of goods, from suppliers through the manufacturing process and ultimately into the hands of customers.

- Businesses can maintain seamless production operations by ensuring the availability and proper placement of all materials, as well as precise scheduling of machinery and labor resources.

- Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management offers seamless communication with suppliers and vendors during the procurement process, ensuring error-free purchasing and logistics.

- With demand planning, inventory management, and predictive analytics integrated via one single platform, businesses can now make informed and intelligent decisions.


5 Powerful Features Of Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management


Real-Time Insights


With Oracle NetSuite supply chain management, all production data, financial reports, inventory, and outstanding orders are recorded and updated in real-time within a single system. This integration ensures that procurement, planning, and production systems are consistently operating with synchronized data.


Efficient Supply Planning


Oracle NetSuite supply chain planning empowers businesses to achieve a harmonious balance between supply and demand by leveraging cost controls, lead times, and service levels. Through a combination of inventory management, demand planning techniques, a robust scheduling engine, and predictive analytics, Oracle NetSuite enables informed decision-making to ensure product availability while minimizing excess inventory. With efficient supply planning, businesses can ensure product availability as and when needed, optimize inventory planning and management, and keep production processes running smoothly.


Enhanced Cash Flow


Businesses having Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management are able to gain invaluable, real-time insights into the precise timing of goods and material requirements to meet customer demand, enabling efficient production planning and minimizing excess inventory.


Minimal Risks


Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management provides a predictive analytics feature, that empowers businesses to proactively identify potential risks and combine them with scenario planning to assess appropriate responses effectively. For example, if the business is aware of a specific market condition or natural phenomenon that can slow down the supply chain, then it can take appropriate steps in advance to avoid losses.


Supply Chain Execution


Oracle NetSuite supply chain execution enables businesses to implement their supply chain plans efficiently. It orchestrates the production process, considering inventory, procurement, and labor and machinery availability. With Oracle NetSuite, all components are seamlessly managed, ensuring smooth production and freeing up employees from complex planning and project management tasks.

Consult with experienced Oracle NetSuite Experts, and find out more about Oracle NetSuite Supply Chain Management for your business, and explore the possibilities. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

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