3 Ways NetSuite for Medical Equipment Manufacturers Is Transforming The Industry

The sudden advent of pandemic exposed the loopholes of the medical manufacturing industry and forced them to think hard about their inefficiencies which were stopping their growth.

Traditionally, medical manufacturers relied on different software, tools to manage their operations, and spent a considerable amount on the workforce on managing the business process, rather than innovation and meeting customers’ needs.

This meant spending a large amount of money on irrelevant business expenses and losing out to their competitors who were leveraging the power of Cloud to optimally manage their business.

Oracle NetSuite, which is the world’s fastest-growing Cloud ERP platform has already developed a comprehensive, and robust ERP module for medical equipment manufacturers, which can help them to streamline their business operations, and be ready for any market demand.


Here are the 3 biggest problems that NetSuite is solving for the industry:


Ignoring Business Growth By Ignoring Customer Needs


Traditionally, medical equipment manufacturers had to spend their majority of time and resources in managing the existing business process: manufacturing, quality control, supply chain, logistics, and more; rather than focussing on what the customer demanded and needed. 


This meant spending way too much money and resources on an outdated business model, which stopped their overall business growth. Ignoring what your customers demand and need right now, is ignoring business growth.


How NetSuite Can Help?


With NetSuite’s TrueCloud ERP platform, medical equipment manufacturers can automate most of their business processes, and use technology to improve efficiency and productivity. NetSuite empowers the manufacturers to tap into their customer’s demands in real-time, and focus on business growth, rather than managing existing business processes.


Sticking With Manual Process & Decentralized Information System


Most of the traditional medical equipment manufacturers are still entering data via manual ways, and using a plethora of different software and tools for different business processes. 


Such a decentralized and manual information system means that the management is never aware of the exact sales, exact revenues and exact expenses at any given point of time. In short, it’s basically guess work for them.


How NetSuite Can Help?


NetSuite’s Cloud-based ERP platform provides a centralized database and a robust platform to inter-connect business processes via one single system. This means no more manual data entry, and no need to use multiple software and tools for managing your business process. 


With NetSuite, the management can complete control over all the existing business processes such as finance, manufacturing, sales, marketing, logistics, supply chain and more. 


Lack Of Insights & Visibility Into Key Business Metrics


This is by-far, the most pressing problem for the medical equipment manufacturers, globally: Lack of insights and lack of data.


Since traditional manufacturers rely on manual data entry, and a collection of standalone software and tools, real-time information is missing, and this means less control over their business and lack of insights on what their customers actually need.


How NetSuite Can Help?


With NetSuite, medical equipment manufacturers can have real-time information about every aspect of their business process and operations. Via interactive and easily customizable dashboards, the management can know:

 The live status of their shipments, and entire supply chain

- Know the products which are in demand, and enhance their production

- Get a 360-degree view of all the sales processes, buyer’s decisions and market trends

- Share real-time reports with the entire team

- And more.

With over 15-years of experience in the Cloud computing and consulting industry, Inspirria is the name to reckon with, when it comes to deploying Oracle NetSuite. We have the real and practical experience to implement NetSuite for medical equipment manufacturers, and we can suggest the best way forward.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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