NetSuite for CFOs- How it’s Changing The Rules Of Financial Processes & Empowering Organizations

Right data, at the right time, for the right purpose, can be a game-changing moment, especially for the financial processes and decision making.

The issue that restricts CFOs and the management from making smart business decisions is the unavailability of data, rather consistent data, in real-time. And this impacts the bottom line of the company and stops it from embracing full-fledged growth and expansion.

Consider this scenario: The CEO is about to sign a deal for a large acquisition, but is unaware of the expenses incurred by his company last quarter. He desperately sends an SOS to the CFO, seeking more clarity, but has to wait for a day to get the right data.

Such critical delays can jeopardize the entire deal and sabotage the acquisition.

Be it mitigating risk, deciding to invest in a new stock, or decoding financial data for a new client: Unavailability of data at crucial junctures is a major business loss.

NetSuite is clearly aware of this problem which CFOs and management face, and this is the reason NetSuite for CFOs is such a great transformational platform: You can get the right data, at the right time, and thereby take smart, intelligent, and fast business decisions.

Find out how:

Real-Time Business Data At Your Fingertips

 The biggest and most visible advantage of using NetSuite for CFOs is the availability of financial insights and business data in real-time. The CFO and the finance team can have the exact data on the critical data points like revenues, expenses, client acquisition, profit and loss, ARRs, and more using customized dashboards and graphs.

 Using this real-time data, CFO can empower the management to make important business decisions and make the next move in real-time. 

 Optimize Financial Processes Using Drag-Drop Feature

 Say, the CFO wants to change the process of vendor communication and the billing approval process. In the old, traditional system of standalone software, ERP, this could have taken weeks and unlimited emails/calls with the IT Department.

 But with NetSuite for CFOs, this can be done using a simple drag-and-drop feature, and the CFO or the financial team can execute the changes in no time. 

 This means that the business processes can be optimized, enhanced, and deployed without any technical help.

 Single Version Of Truth For Entre Organization

 In the traditional system of standalone software, the financial data was all scattered and unorganized. If the CFO wanted manufacturing data for the last quarter combined with sales data from last year, it meant collaborating with several departments and teams, which sucked away productivity.

 But with NetSuite, CFOs and the entire organization can have a single version of the data, collaborated and accessed via Cloud in real-time. 

 With NetSuite, CFOs are now empowered with cross-organizational data, in real-time, and accessible anywhere, anytime. 

 Globally Scalable, Compliance With Local Laws

 NetSuite is, by default, multi-subsidiary enabled for global operations and processes. NetSuite supports 190+ currencies, used in 100+ nations, used across 19 languages.

 If your business operations are global, NetSuite will take care of currency conversions, compliance with local laws, tax reporting and auditing, and more.

 A truly scalable Cloud ERP, which makes global businesses more empowered, more result-oriented.

 If you seek a reliable and experienced partner for deploying NetSuite, then Inspirria is here to provide you mentorship and consultancy. With more than 15-years of experience in Cloud deployments, we are an award-winning Oracle NetSuite Deployment partner.

Feel free to use this link to schedule a no-obligation session to discuss your specific needs from NetSuite for CFO, and take it forward.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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